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Why don't we demand that obama support audit the fed

That little pissant of a man harry reid does not have to listen to anyone who is not from Nevada. I don't think reid is up for election till 2016 so he is not concerned about anything right now. Suppose millions people contacted obama and told him that he does not have a chance of getting our vote unless he supports the bill and tells reid to allow a vote on audit the fed. I know not many Ron Paul supporters will ever vote for obama but if romney gets the republican nomination then our choices will be obama or Johnson. I know as least some Ron Paul supporters used to be democrats that came over because of foriegn policy. Obama might believe that he could conceivably win them back if he supports the audit the fed bill. I know the chances of getting obama to suppport the bill are slim but the chances of getting reid to allow a vote could be none. Just an idea. I welcome any other ideas on the subject.

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I wrote to both idiots, Reid

I wrote to both idiots, Reid and Obama! probably a waste of time, but I had to do it, at least it is something,.. and pray to God for some changes to happen!... I'm serious.. pray!!lol