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There's only one Ron Paul So what hell are you gonna do?

Tired of people bashing Rand and Gary Johnson. They're not perfect but in my estimate they are 2 of the top 5 best politicians around!
If you're against undeclared wars, want to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, aren't eager to go cowboying around in Iran and Syria, want to balance the budget, want to stop the drug war, and get rid of the IRS and the ridiculous tax code.... Well you've hit on about 90% of the things I care about

So what are you gonna do when the good Doctor retires? You gonna set around here and moap because no one else can live up to Dr. Paul's standards?

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We are still in the race. Did you quit?

Quickly sabatogue Mitt Romney. Just take a look at 7:20.. he's got an acheilles heel... it makes him nervous and jumpy.. it doesn't fly. Not only that what about the 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme. Dont' forget that's nothing but theft, pure and simple.

Only One Ron Paul

Millions of Ron Paul Republicans

1. for the millionth time

ron paul has already announced his next project. it will be internet based. doesn't matter to those not interested, leave at your will, but his grassroots will continue and it will grow approaching 2020, when millennials become the biggest voting bloc. paul has shown himself to be much better traction for that sector over LP.

2. election result is binary. john isn't gonna win. so wth are you gonna do?

what are paul supporters gonna do? you miss the freaking half dozen headlines to your right on audit of federal reserve? we can still grassroot on countless issues even while not actively campaigning. again, election results are binary. you win or lose--right back at you. what are you gonna do? it's a known fact john will lose and won't nearly have the influence paul will have if paul can get to tampa. paul can at least have some of his platforms be adopted potentially. LP chance is zilch and actually threatens audit of fed bill probability if paul gets anywhere close to LP.

not to mention johnson thinks the great depression was caused by fed not doing enough, and war for "humanitarian" purposes is ok.

No moping!

However, I am not going to drink sand just because I am thirsty, and Gary Johnson's foreign policy isn't even close to Ron Paul's. Telling the truth is not "bashing" Gary. Check out this 3 month old interview Johnson gave to the daily caller... http://antiwar.com/blog/2012/04/12/gary-johnson-libertarian-...

So here is what Johnson's foreign policy looks like..

Johnson says he supports U.S. military intervention in Uganda

He may continue drone strikes in Pakistan

He would keep US bases in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East

He supports foreign intervention for "humanitarian" reasons, which Ron has warned us over and over only takes money from poor people in the United States to give to rich people in other countries.

This is also consistent with what Johnson was saying when he was still a republican back in November.. Watch as Johnson argues the CFR position in defense of war for "humanitarian" reasons. Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1219019580001/gary-johnson-reveal...

You are right--there is only one Ron Paul. I can certainly tell you something I will never do...Support a phony like Gary Johnson...Ever.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

No we are going to comtinue taking our country back

Following the principles Dr Paul has laid out not compromising with evil.

There was only one Jesus Christ....

2000 (or so) years later, the message is still the same.
Dr Paul's message will not deteriorate with time.

not going to mope

but I also will not fall for a CFR created neo-libertarian (same as neo-con) just using different rhetoric. You kids falling for this need to look up 1980 when Ron Paul himself got neo-conned by a rather Goldwaterish talking Ronald reagan who like GJ was not himself actually a member of the CFR but his handlers were. Doug Turner has managed GJ's entire career and he's been CFR all that time.