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Reid is having a "twitter townhall" do we have any questions?

According to this article, our good friend Harry had a twitter townhall (whatever that is) scheduled for today. Apparently it was postponed. But i think we should keep an eye on this in case we have any questions for the senator. http://www.ktvn.com/story/19102790/sen-reid-to-host-twitter-...

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I left messages on everyone of his machines...

Telling him that since he's thoroughly expained many of the reasons why this creature needs a full audit we know he understands the issue and isn't just a incompetent boob. He's now complicit in the scam. That we understand how simple this is and that a grade schooler can understand the Austrian business cycle theory. Full steam ahead. Let's press him as to why he was so convincing in 1995 and why he's now blocking the vote. Let's humiliate this man in front of the world. We can't let a turd like Harry Reid stop us from taking back the country.

The fact that he postponed it

The fact that he postponed it is great! This should be front page. We have to watch for this when he comes out and totally bombard him from all directions.

Audit the Fed! I bet he will

Audit the Fed! I bet he will indefinitely postpone this town hall after all the emails/calls he gets today and tomorrow.

You called it!

That`s exactly what he did.

"Freedom is never easy in a world of tyranny" - ME