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Gary Johnson is Right:Ron Paul supporters won’t vote for Mitt Romney

The Libertarian Party presidential nominee, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, said Thursday that the key to winning his longshot bid for the presidency is to participate in the presidential debates this fall and to win over the support of Ron Paul backers.

The third-party candidate told Politico in an interview that he wants to participate because the debates are the only way to effectively get his message out to the American people.

“Anything can happen [in the debates]. That could be crash and burn. [Or] it could bring attention to what it is I am saying, my resume,” he told Politico. “I think a lot more people in this country describe themselves as libertarian as opposed to voting libertarian. I think my voice is representative of the fastest growing segment of American politics today, which is libertarian.”

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so what he is saying is

instead of expanding the liberty front as a whole and infuse it with new blood by using beltway libertarian, neo-con lite as david frum's tone to convert establishment republicans and using their raging open-border immigration, hardcore gay marriage tones to draw feminists and LGBT from the obama base, instead of reaching constituents where he may feel paul was deficient at, his mission would be accomplished when he manages to distract the existing paul people from their effort to audit the fed and other important grassroots missions, and then proceed to lose his own election. then, his goal would be accomplished. what a plan.

let's leave his support for humanitarian (lol) wars and his belief (derived from friedman) that fed didn't intervene enough 1930s as cause for great depression, in huge contrast to paul on both fronts, aside, for a minute. people do seem to find a way to gloss over these "minor" differences anyway. i never knew paul base can be so inter-changeable with any other candidate, when that person disagrees with paul on BOTH foreign and monetary policies very much on a grand scale.

There are millions of Ron Paul supporters.

Gary Johnson does not speak for all of them. Ron Paul could very well end up voting for Mitt Romney himself.

Doesn't mean we're going to

Doesn't mean we're going to vote for Gary Johnson.

Well you can be sure if Ron doesn't win

the nomination he and I will be voting for Johnson :)

Personally, I'm writing Ron

Personally, I'm writing Ron Paul in. That's who I want to be president.