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Thank your Democrat House Members who Voted to Pass Audit The Fed

Call your Democrat House Members who voted in favor of Audit The Fed and request their support in influencing their Senate Colleagues. My email to Michaud and Pingree in ME:

I wanted to thank you for voting in accordance with your Oath to Defend the U.S. Constitution by voting YEA on House Bill 529 to Audit the Fed. As Senate Majority Leader Reid continues to lead an attack on American Freedom by appeasing the single greatest threat to our country on companion legislation (S.202) in the senate, the US Federal Reserve, I hope we can count on you to influence other Senators to strip the Fed of its secrecy and return the power to regulate the monetary system to the Congress. Transparency at the Fed is the single greatest step we could take to turn the economic future of the country in the right direction.

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DEM Audit the Fed Co-Sponsors who voted No


These were soild End the Fed Dems. Ask them why they Co-Sponsored & then voted against it. Were they threated? What did obama say to them?