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Dark Knight Rising Interpretation - WARNING: Spoiler Alert

A few hours ago, I walked out of the theater with my mind full of interpretations from the new "Dark Knight Rises" movie. Aurora, Colorado aside, I believe this new batman flick had many topics that are applicable to today's world. Specifically, they bring up the following topics:

1. "Structures become Shackles"

This is the one that I've been thinking about most. A good topic for discussion/debate. Limited vs. Big government. The Law Perverted. Are there any examples that strengthen the position of an opposing view? The more I think about it, the more believable it becomes.

2. Self-reliability/Accountability
The scene that comes to mind is when Gordon seeks the help of a former partner. When he knocks on the door, the guy's wife answers and then Gordon criticizes his ex-partner for letting his wife answer the door. He then goes into arguing that they cannot sit around with their heads down waiting on someone else to fix your problems. There are more examples but I need to watch it again to write about them.

3. Use of Illusions by the Ruling power.
During the movie, there are two instances where the city of Gotham is controlled by two different powers. The first was in the beginning when the established 'city government' was in charge and then later in the movie Bane takes over. The more prominent example is with Bane when he speaks to the civilians at the football stadium. He lies to them saying that they now have control of their own free will and are no longer enslaved by a deceitful lying government but really, he has complete control. Give the people the illusion of being free and if they believe in it, you can get away with anything.

4. Rich vs. Poor
An obvious observation but translatable to the 99% vs. 1%.

5. Monetary Policy
Gotta love the scene where they mention the power of the dollar being in trouble.

I have more to add to this post but I wanted to get it posted to start any kind of discussion. Feel free to address any of the topics I've listed above.

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eh who knows

a hollywood director that isn't a raging progressive? that claim alone is worth the skepticism, purely based on statistical probability