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Jesse Ventura On Coast 2 Coast Am Now!

"Rotten Politics
Wed 07-25

"Middle 2 Hours: Former wrestler, actor, governor, and bestselling author, Jesse Ventura, will discuss how the ineptitude and gang-like mentalities of both parties have allowed corporations, businesses, and politically-motivated wealthy individuals to manipulate elections, bribe elected officials, and silence the average American voter, and how a single party system may be the answer".



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This is the daily Paul

This is the Daily Paul Not the Daily Ventura or the Daily Conspiracy

it doesn't have to be about

it doesn't have to be about Dr. Paul, but it cetainly can be,- it's about his ideas, and the idea of liberty. Among other things this is a forum on the philosophy of liberty (austrian school/libertarianism/ anarchy/ limited government). This is information, and for a proponent of the Austrian school of economics, ventura came up short. Otherwise we would all write about Ron Paul's shoe size and if he likes his tractor and how many tomatoes he planted this year.



why all the hate comments?? geeze

he is for a flat tax, from

he is for a flat tax, from what i heard, even though i was passing out. i think he said something about a flat tax. and he went on and on about how great the unions were. i think that implies he was for the unions having some political power like they do now.

honestly, i can't understand ventura.

He missed the boat on the austrian school of economics. Murray Rothbard was not on his 20 books a year list.



Still.. he makes a lot of sense on a lot of issues.. You can't agree with everybody on everything. He's anti-tyranny and fed up. May not be well-informed on every issue, but still far better than most of the country.

And in regards to the flat tax. A truly flat tax would be taxing everyone the same dollar amount. But is usually considered the same tax rate for everyone. Like 20% no matter what your income. Same concept as a sales tax. Everyone same rate, the more you make/buy the more you pay but at the same rate. Has its pros and cons. But even with Paul's position(eliminating income tax) that would lean towards a similar effect.

Jesse Ventura claims he doesn't watch tv and only reads books.

He's wasted his time whatever he's been reading. I read American Conspiracies and heresies FDR. Lew Rockwell should have set him straight when he interviewed him. He's never said anything that has led me to believe that he's read anything Austrian. He could be such an asset. What a waste. He's economically illiterate and needs to drop his ego. He makes an ass of himself when he tries to intimidate people instead of unemotionally debating the finer points. Ugh!

Jesse Ventura for VP!

...Believe it or Not...there were DPers proposing this in the early stages of the campaign2012....pure "hero-worship-WWE-mentality".

I stop believing in the authenticity of these wrestling matches when I was a kid...ya still got some grownups who think it's for real! LOL!

And how the hell did Willie Nelson become part of this Ventura entourage?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

i didn't realize jesse

i didn't realize jesse ventura was that disorganized. I was passing out and going to sleep, but didn't he say something about a vat tax. a flat tax?

Jesse Ventura is a statist after all. He said withdraw the troops from around the world, o.k., i get that. and then the next thing that could mirror same importance of our crisis would be to go after the federal reserve, but he said nothing, something about campaign finance reform.

I must say, as an old-timer at the age of 32, i think the issue of the Federal Reserve is just for a few old jedis like Dr. Paul, and the rest of it is the youth. I guess i bring up Jesse Ventura's age and his lack of comittment to the federal reserve question because like most old people, they've spent their lives out of touch with our currency destruction because they all experienced their life and the u.s. economy at a time where the federal reserve was a non-issue not up until it came home to roost these days. Now, they are separated from what really matters. Apparently the Federal Reserve wasn't as important to them, they couldn't see how the rest tied in, and Jesse Ventura went on and on about unions. But if the corporations were back to constitutional law, there would be no corporations like there are now. So i fail to see his logic. i see no logic in Jesse Ventura. He's best just doing his t.v. shows, he serves God's purpose that way, exposnig the fema coffins.


Dis-Organized? That's an UnderStatement!

I'll probably review his show today, out of curiosity. I doubt if much was missed..I also nodded off to the drone of his and Noory's voices.

I sent C2C's Geo Noory a FastBlast to get a reaction to the Colorado Shooter Conspiracy-Theory thingy from Jesse...did he ask him?...Can't say if he did and... the suspense is killing me. LOL!

Premiere is the home base of Coast to Coast since Art Bell left..Art absolutely despises Noory...it's on youtube..yeah, what isn't?

Jesse's webpage has as it latest entry,some time in April 2011...yes that's what I said....2011.......wow!...he says he doesn't watch TV?
I doubt that! Maybe that's why his site is so forlorn.

He was just controlled opposition as I ponder in retrospect.
TPTB allowed his election so they could crash the economy and cast doubts upon any future Liberty Candidates seeking office....they saw "us" coming years ago...and took steps back then to discredit, derail and defame any future Libertarians running for office....JESSE was their TOOL.
One-by-one they come....and go.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Another interesting fact...

Newt was running ads regularly during C2C while he was still in the race.

Can't say I Saw Those

Were they on the website?
Geo Noory has stated that they are not a political show, and he has squelched some callers because of that...However, John B. Wells has an excellent show most weekends and is not afraid to put the real story out there...John is cool.

Art Bell left the show to Noory and it's said he is disappointed in the turn that the show has taken...more of a "pop-entertainment" whereas Art wasn't afraid to voice his support politically..he was a Libertarian!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

They were paid spots during

They were paid spots during the commercial breaks, I think paid for by Newt's super PAC. I think it was in February or so when I heard them. John B is the best host.

Art Bell = NWO

i, of course, dream of hemp

i, of course, dream of hemp and marijuana fields, so if corporations became pre-Rockefeller again i don't see how unions or non unions would matter at all. i think mr. ventura fails to see how the beast is put together and how to dismantle it. i think he should just say arrest the rockfeller/rothschild cabal and forget about running for president.


Ah...Yes! Pre-Rockefeller

...As in "PRE-Rockefeller DRUG LAWS"....Thanks for the reminder...almost forgot this "stain" upon the fabric of freedom engineered by the Elitist A-Hole who would achieve the "unique distinction" of:


While locked in the amorous embrace of his paramour, Nelson Rockefeller suffered a heart attack and died....

Imagine the NYPD Coverup for THAT scenario!! LOL!!
...and the "kicker"?
His wife's name......"Happy" Rockefeller.

Ah yes!...The stuff dreams are made of...if you're an elitist.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

One party state?

What an idiot.

Jesse will NOT be Running for Office

He is on now.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!