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A Question for all the Christians.

I have a question for all the Christians out there. Are you even aware the two most beautiful empowering bible verses have been virtually destroyed?

Dont take the lord's name in vain, is NOT about profanity. It really means dont speak for god! Remember this whenever someone tells you what god wants you to do.

Your body is your temple is NOT about drugs or whatever. It means YOU
are a temple and you dont need some dude in a funny hat to practice religion.

Just 2 cents from a non believer.

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What should I do then?

As a believer, I'd say that your POV on not listening to what others say God is telling us is full circle pointless. As you are telling us what God means about the Lord's name in vain. 1 John is about who God is and He is His Word (The Bible). I recommend you study the Book of Revelation especially toward the end, where the Bible is a finished masterpiece.

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It's not that simple.

Maybe for some Christians, it is that simple. I have spent a lifetime learning and a few years teaching young people about Scripture. In my quest for knowledge, I discovered that each of the 10 Commandments have layers of meaning, as Moses was taught in the Egyptian mystical tradition. The beauty of that is one can take any commandment at face value or at higher levels, depending on where a person is spiritually. So, taking the Lord's Name in vain is about profanity, if taken at face value. But, you are correct about not speaking for God. That is the meaning at a higher level of spirituality. The same would apply to your second example.

The meaning in the examples you site have not been destroyed, particularly for the Christian who has not developed spiritually. Even for those who have further developed their spiritual senses, the simple meaning remains but, much, much more is required of them.

Are you sure you're a non-believer? Seems to me you have a deeper spiritual side than even some Christians have yet to acheive.

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That one may be true,

That one may be true, unbelievers sometimes take it to mean that you shouldn't quote the Bible - which IS God speaking. God is the judge.

To two, the priesthood of believers is Biblical. But the Bible also says to avoid drunkness Ephesians 5:18, flee fornication 1 Corinthians 6:18, and other sins.

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