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Asking children questions about liberty!

Hi, liberty lovers!

Now I have always had the outlook that the opinion of the youth is always the most valid.

Now that seems like a really hit or miss thing, and some people (especially old Republicans--I've met a lot!) would totally disagree.

Now I've set out to begin a project that would either prove or disprove this OR it could end up being nothing more than just entertaining. I want to create a YouTube video where children are shown answering questions about liberty. They obviously have to be worded in a way the children understand, and be somewhat general and NOT manipulative. I'm hoping that their answers make the liberty movement look good! I'm hoping older folks watch it and see that liberty is something that people are born with and it is only taken away from them when it is conditioned out of them.

If it's a success (or even when it's not) I might want to do a video with similar or exact same questions posed to teenagers, and see how similar or different their answers might be from young children.

I think it would be very interesting and could also teach us the ways in which to work on our children to instill the concept of liberty into them. I have a 6-year-old, and am always looking for ways in which to help her understand these concepts.

I need the people here at Daily Paul to help me come up with a large variety of questions to ask these children. I will give credit. Any other feedback/comments are welcomed and appreciated. I am not made of glass. :)

Love to you all!

Thanks, all!

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I started this with my son when he was four years old

We took back returnable cans and bottles, exchanged them for the deposits, saved the paper dollars, quarters etc and went to the local coin shop. The shop is FULL of precious metal coins. When we walked in the first thing he saw was the SHINING GOLD AND SILVER, especially the gold coins.

We purchased a silver round, dimes and a couple quarters. I let him feel the difference in weight between the quarters and you should have seen the look of excitement and dismay in his face. He was awestruck. The first question out of his mouth was, "Why didn't we get very much, Dada?", still staring intently at the shiny coins. I explained to him fake money and real money. A young child who is fascinated with pirate treasure gets it, I think.

Now he wants some gold, and understands the difference between what is real, and what is not. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.

I like this, it's fun. =)

The questions would be a bit difficult to come up with. Some things have to be explained. And often when explaining more questions will come up and eventually most children I think would think our society is totally messed up =)

The moment they enter school, much of their reasoning is messed with.
So these questions should be directed to children before they start school.

Also, it would seem most children don't comprehend what money is all about. If you explain money to them, money=debt and the likes, you'll loose them pretty fast.

Some general questions about freedoms can be obvious to them, though they are used to being told what to do and what is safe or not safe.

I have children, and being a parent is all about meeting the force of their will. They naturally want to be free and want to do what they feel like doing, or they do not want to do what they are told to.

Whenever I start to grow tired of this force, I remind myself that they will need all the will power they can muster up in this world growing up.

Good luck though, I'll try to come up with some questions and test them out on my little ones and get back to you =)


for a great idea.