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Leaked Report Reveals Music Industry’s Global Anti-Piracy Strategy


A confidential internal report of the music industry outfit IFPI has been inadvertently made available online by the group itself. Penned by their Head of Internet Anti-piracy Operations, the report details the global strategy for the major recording labels of IFPI. Issues covered include everything from torrent sites to cyberlockers, what behavior IFPI expects of Internet service providers, the effectiveness of site blocking, and how pirates are accessing unreleased music from industry sources.

Dated April 2012, the IFPI report obtained by TorrentFreak was put together by the music industry group’s chief anti-piracy officer Mo Ali.

The 30-page report presents a global view of IFPI’s “problems”, “current and future threats” and the industry’s responses to them.

IFPI says it has five possible reactions to a threat: Take down, Disruption, Investigation, Lobbying and Litigation.


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Are we even sure we can read this report?

I mean, what if they copyrighted it and by reading it, we're subjecting ourselves to fines? :O

They left out

the most important "reaction"....Totalitarian control of the internet under the trojan horse auspices of protection of intellectual rights.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.