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Perp Walk - Former CEO & Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Arrested for Fraud

UPDATE: Video Fixed

The Irish bankster perp walk begins precisely at the 1:18 mark.


It's long-past time this punk faced a jury of his peers.

The former Chief Executive and Chairman of Anglo Irish Bank has appeared in court in Dublin charged in connection with financial irregularities at the bank. Sean FitzPatrick was charged with 16 offences under Section 60 of the Companies Act.

Sean Fitzpatrick is a bit like Madoff -- he's in many ways a one-off, run-of-the-mill crook. The funny thing about bankers in Ireland is that most of them were just stupid and over-exuberant -- and some of them, like Seanie, tried to take the money and run when the ship started to go down. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor -- of course, most bankers think they can walk on water...) No way he'll get off, but the real story, as we know, is that "austerity" continues to grind down the country so that bankers can get paid off and, just as important, so the Europhiles can keep their precious monetary union. I'm happy to see Fitzpatrick get his comeuppance -- I just hope this little side-show doesn't sap energy from the larger fight.


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You have the wrong video linked

It's on the dailybell page but not the same in your post FYI.

Thanks for this. Should ruffle some bankster feathers everywhere

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UPDATE: Video Fixed

UPDATE: Video Fixed