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Obama thinks Govt's legal monopoly on violence should add legal monopoly on AK-47's too.

Obama has stated before that what essentially sets a Nation State apart is a "Monopoly on Violence". (See 30 sec clip below)


Delivering a speech last night in New Orleans Obama said:

"But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals. That they belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities."

What he is saying is that the almightly STATE, that is responsible for killing AT LEAST 1 million people over the past 10 years, needs to make their job a little easier by outlawing the possesion of AK-47's by anyone OTHER than The State.

Do you see how a$$ backwards that is? Logic would indicate that if you are going to ban weapons from a group of people it should be the group that has murdered a million+ people in the last decade...NOT from the group of who would like to protect themselves from the unrestrained power of The State.

And you know about the slipperly slop. First it's AK-47's and the next thing you know...The State will say hunters need to challenge themselves more and only use BB guns to hunt.

DO THE RESEARCH! EVERY Country in history that has systematically disarmed their citizens has ended up slaughtering them in masses.

250 MILLION + innocent civilans have been murdered by Governments around the world in the last 100 years. That's practically the entire population of the whole USA. I'd rather take my chances of fighting off a "criminal" with an AK-47 in my hand than to end up in a big ditch looking up at a UN/NATO soilder fixing to unload on me with a gun that I was banned from owning "for my own protection".


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Seems like the big O wants

it both ways. He invokes NDAA which states we are at war at home yet doesn't want M16s on this particular battle field. Oh wait, he just wants his guys to have them. Someone should educate him upon the true intent of the Second Amendment.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I caught that too chess

Now that the US has been declared a battlefield it makes his comment about AK-47's only belonging on the battlefield a bit irrelvent.

This Will Backfire on Obamya

No pun intended.


Has anyone ever asked a gun control advocate why?

My assumption is that the answer would be to save lives? So if their real objective is to save lives, are they also advocating other life saving restrictions too? If the true intent was to keep people safe and alive the logical thing to do would be to drop the speed limit on all the roads in the US to 35 MPH. That would save hundreds of thousands of lives, save millions in emergency room costs, save tremendous amounts of fuel, save the environment from pollution, reduce the cost of cars, oh and actually make an electric car viable. Where are the "stay alive, drive 35" advocacy groups? So we know its really not about saving lives at all, its about controlling the populace and a disarmed population is a whole lot more controllable than an armed one.

All swimming pools

should be no more than 6 inches deep so people won't drown.

We must ban black furniture!

It's menacing our population! Consider, the lazy bastard who just wants to watch cable TV all day is FORCED TO by his comfortable black leather sofa! That man didn't get fat on his own, after all! The sofa made him get fat!

Most of the citizenry of the U.S.

is ignorant of the true intent of the Second Amendment. It wasn't to ensure individuals could go out and hunt for food. Instead it was invoked to allow the population to stand up against a tyrannical government which would totally negate any attempt to regulate or prohibit from the population any type of weaponry the the armed forces such a tyrannical government might command possesses. A true sign of tyranny is when those in power don't trust the population enough to allow them to exercise their God given and Constitutional rights. We've allowed our "rulers" to encroach upon and even ignore the Constitution so much that to even question their motives is a serious threat to them.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Amen to THAT!

Well said


high time ANTI-gun nutjobs started asking,

IF they want to ban 'high-capacity clips' (proper terminology of "Mags/magazines" aside), because they think 'a civilized society should not have them,' then why is it okay for cops and SWAT who have rarely if EVER gone up against anyone remotely matching their force parity, "need" Glock18 full-auto 9mm pistol/carbine with 33rd mag, a full auto AR15, Hk MP5/UMP.45/Hk416/G36, FNH SCAR16/17, Barrett M82/M107 .50BMG semi-auto sniper rifle, etc. etc. etc. ??

Or, for that matter whyTF do SWAT 'need' armored personnel carriers with M2 .50BMG full-auto machinegun mounted on its turret, or Dillon Aero miniguns, or $200~500,000 LEMCO BearCat armored vehicles, A-10 WartHog's 20mm Vulcan Cannon ammo firing sniper rifles, a SWAT team not just in every county but in almost most American cities tiny and large??

Why liberals/RINOs? Especially liberals? why is THAT okay?? Even after all those footages of G20, OWS, and the recent Anaheim, CA copthugs, the statists continually rationalize 'he beats me 'cause he loves me' with the State. Worse, continued to willfully fund the oppressive tools of tyranny which will ALWAYS be directed back at them, if not immediately, eventually, as we're seeing with the drones.

Seriously? Why do they believe it's okay for a local LEO to mow down the citizenry with full-auto machineguns, or AR15's with 100rd Beta C-mags, or Glock 19/17 or fullauto Glock18 with 'Gabby Gifford shooting Loughner's' 33rd mag, when in reality, for ANYONE who knows anything about warfare knows that you rarely have any true controllability for tight target adjudication with sustained machinegun use; they've ALWAYS been designed as a suppressive fire tool: as in, to keep your enemies heads down or force them to move them into a deathtrap or funnel, where you can ambush them.

If so, why the F do they need it? Ask ANY tactical instructor: you can fire semi-auto 5.56mm platform with speed, accuracy and control as fast as 400~600rd/minute, closely approaching 600~900rd/minute rate of full-auto/select-fire machineguns. For all practical purposes, in which the difference tactically speaking, with most non-warfare engagements, is negligible.

Also, the cost of a stray round from a full auto machinegun in hand of SWAT or any LEO has far more graver legal consequences than in warzones; which let's face it, govt don't care who it murders, but does care about PR and BS 'saving face' appearance of propriety. So out of that concern alone, ALL cops/SWAT in America too should be banned from owning, storing, or deploying weapons with 'high capacity' magazines, or simply 'high-powered' anything. Hey, why not limit them to 9mm caliber. Ban ALL 'high-powered' rifle cartridges from being deployed by copthugs. How about that, for a mandate?

If liberals and RINOs can answer that? Then, perhaps they may have credibility in arguing their case. But, obviously they don't, and can't.

The most any SWAT team is ever used in America is to serve an absent court appearance, or raid the occasional methlabs, which let's face it, given the option, they'd just nuke the site anyway, so the whole pretense of 'carefully raiding, clearing room by room' is utter nonsense, when cops these days can care less about obtaining "evidence."

And of course, their most recent roles has been murderers of children, grandmas and dogs, after raiding the wrong address: you know, those 'dangerous criminals' aka an 80yo grandma awoken at 3am, because the morons didn't even bothered to check the address they were raiding, and decided to murder the innocent home owner of the wrong address, murder her dogs, and destroy her home, set fire, destroy everything inside w/stains and chemical bath from flashbangs, which would be the least of worries for the homeowner, once they're murdered. Worse, those murderous bozos hide behind a complete legal fiction aka "qualified immunity" which does NOT exist, as they're merely OUR servants, who have NO inherent 'right' to do anything other than what we grant them.

How ANY sane individuals can still make smug rationalizations for murdering innocent women and children, is beyond the pale.

Seriously, when's the last time you ever heard of any SWAT team in America go against an entire platoon sized armed men with Russian RPG7's, full auto AK47's, full auto US-govt issued/sold/stolen AR15/M16's given to the Mexican govt, which the US Army Spec Ops School of Americas trained-CIA's Los Zetas cartel have been using to wage war in Mexico??

The most ridiculous thing I ever saw when I was in NYC, post-9/11 hysteria, were a bunch of overweight NYPD a-holes just standing around on subway platforms in full SWAT loadout tacticool-drag 'guarding' what? Who knows? But, for one thing, their AR15's magwells were EMPTY! Yes, way to let 'terrorists' know that they're just carrying a 7lbs aluminum and steel stick.

Worse, SWAT, or more correctly NYPD' ESU (Emergency Services Unit) are supposed to be a rapid response team, as in a deployment of overwhelming element of surprise for raids; 1st, it was obvious those on subway platforms weren't ESU, as there aren't enough of them and were horribly overweight and 'dull-eyed,' 2nd, they would NEVER stand around making themselves a target or make their locations known. So it was all for show, even then, in NYC, where the 9/11 false flag happened.

NYPD is supposedly the largest police force in the world (55,000-ish), in a city that was directly attacked. Now, if they're doing theater security in NYC, one would not be wrong to assume other cities are doing it as well.

Of course, I'm preaching to the choir here, but of course, it's ALL for show.

Also, because inherently liberals shy away from pursuing self-defensive aptitudes, they consider cops as their private policeforce who are there to do the dirty work that they do not want to do, even though it's clear one can never truly 'control' an armed body of men, when those in position of power directing them are seen as geeks and weaklings by those 'under' them.

So to the liberals and 'register "heavy weapons like AK and AR" Bill O'Reilly' RINOs, I guess they must assume that cops/SWAT are born and bred in some superduper govt genetics labs!

Only if they actually knew the utter tactical ineptitude rampant in police departments all across America: negligent discharge while cleaning, shooting themselves literally in the foot, SWAT members shooting each other in entry, shooting themselves while cleaning their guns, not to mention, worst of all, NYPD has demonstrated time and time again that their minions can't hit anything beyond 3~5yards, even worse when the 'target' is moving, which frankly is a pretty low average and no better than most untrained gunowners.

Proportionally, cops are not anymore accurate, or disciplined in use of firearms as ANY Joe Citizen. FBI and NYPD's own data proves it. Hey, after all many do come from the lowest common denominator in our society, so that shouldn't be surprising that they only reflect the same percentage of the populace at large.

Frankly, I'd submit that numerically speaking, there are FAR more trained, and capable NON-govt gunowners in America, than ALL of LEO and military combined. And purely based on numbers of guns and gunowners alone, that WOULD be the case. Military and LEO combined are somewhere around 5million, vs. 150~200 MILLION of American gunowners, of which the number of those owners who are highly trained would far outnumber all of SWAT and SPECOPS combined. And the mere fact that many PD's are still teaching and using tea-cup grip techniques and rarely if ever discharge their guns be it for practice/training or murder, economics of ammo, training costs, and facility alone dictate that they cannot all be 'Tier 1' operators.

This is also free market at work: institutions can NEVER train enough numbers of proficient army of men, as they'll always be limited by economics reality of socialism, vs. if each individual took it upon themselves to maintain their skills on their own.

Those who can grow their own food will always outlast those who need to depend on another entity to provide for their sustenance. Same applies to tactical defense and keeping one's skills "regular" in the original 1776 sense of the term: to keep up to date, to maintain one's skills and proficiency in particular areas.

We are a nation of riflemen. That has never really changed. While most Porsche owners buy them for show, others make it a point to strip them down for racing on weekends and learn the limits of their tools, and hobbies.

The very notion of 'proficiency with tools' MUST be a completely foreign and alien concept to these anti-gun nutjobs. Because their arguments are always the same, after every single shooting incident: they want to limit those tools to cops, as if they're some special subset of human species who were born with innate immutable skills to deal with 'dangerous' items better than the rest of the human population.

You'd think they'd be able to extend the logic that no druglaws EVER prevented the existence, nor sales of drugs. WTF makes them delude more gunlaws are actually going to curtail or stop lunatics from going Loughner/Holmes-postal any more than a junkie, or even a tempered recreational drug usage?

Hell, the prime failure of govt IS the govt itself: their prisons are supposedly where they can control EVERY part of it. It's a statist control freak's wetdreams! Yet, even IN prisons, they CAN smuggle guns, knives, other weapons, drugs, and cellphones, all the time. Even in govt prisons they cannot prevent, nor control, nor forbid the entry or existence of 'prohibited items.'

So just what unicorn world do they delude that they'd have ANY luck out in the vast space of the real world, to have 'laws/regulation' prevent anything??

Also, conversely, the RINOs SHOULD apply the same attitude they have about gunlaws, with terrorism.

Laws never prevent terrorism, aside from the fact that govt false flags most, but that's for another discussion. So if no gunlaws or druglaws prevent either, just WTF makes them delude a bunch of people who aren't afraid to die to make a point, which should prove to anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that they'd be just a wee bit more driven/motivated than say a crackhead, also more sober, why do they continually delusionally rationalize to themselves that the likes of Patriot Act, TSA, and NDAA actually 'protects' them?

Of course, it's an oxymoron to assume that lunatic statists, and govt terrorists would do something as sane as... well, sane things.

This cycle of insanity after every shooting simply further reveal that the populace is utterly ignorant... of everything.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

LIberals are afraid of a

LIberals are afraid of a machine they do not know how to use and are afraid to learn how to use. So they do not want anyone else (except the gov'mt/POlice) to have them.

I usually respond to those who want to disarm citizen with...ever see a mass killer go on a shooting spree at a gun range or at a police station? No???

Gee I wonder why?!?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle


the REAL question everyone should be asking is, with 300~500 MILLION+ guns in private hands (most gun owners own more than one) in 150~200MILLION+ gun-owning Americans, how come most of the 310 MILLION of us are still alive and ticking??

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Exactly! Breaking News!


Breaking News! Yesteday 150 million gun owers shot no one...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle