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Educating about the Fed

I've been announcing the passage of H.R. 459 Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 about as often as I say hello since yesterday afternoon.

What I haven't been doing, however, is going into a whole lot of detail as to WHY this is such a big deal. I know and understand that it is. I work in the IT department of a federally chartered credit union, and trust me, I KNOW that every little thing we do gets audited. Down to our system of managing Windows OS updates.

I usually just say that, since all us financial institutions get audited with crazy amounts of scrutiny, doesn't it make sense that the LARGEST financial institution in the land should get one, too? Sometimes people respond with things like, "Well so, what? What's that going to do?" "How is this going to change my life?"

I don't have a very good answer for them because I lack education on the topic myself. Should I just buy Dr. Paul's book End the Fed? Is there a sort of "primer" on the issue online somewhere? Thanks for any help!

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Tell 'em their money is stolen

People are more concerned about things when they understand how it affects them individually and specifically. Apathetic people can be selfish as well, so just tell them their money is literally being stolen out of their pocket with no difference than if they were robbed at gunpoint on the streets.

The other thing is they can be greedy. Tell them trillions of dollars has been stolen over the years and if we can get the Fed audited then we will get our money back, say it'll be like winning the lottery except everyone is guaranteed a big win.

These tactics have been working for me, people who would never contact their representatives for anything suddenly are asking me how to do it and making sure they know the bill's name.
Kind of sad, but whatever it takes for the greater good.

Additionally, you'll want to educate yourself on the topic if anyone honestly wants to know the specifics of the big picture. I'd suggest doing a video search online and watching some educational videos. Fairly sure if you type in "End the Fed" into a video site you'll get plenty of videos to help out there.

The Fed is suspected of doing things like

giving unconstitutional loans to other countries and to other banks and even virtually free money - all that we have to pay back - in amounts and at times that we don't know about.

The result of this is:

Banks which should fail for their corrupt practices aren't.

The money supply is being increased tremendously, causing massive inflation (which the government is hiding).

The government is spending way too much money on things they want, even while telling us we have to cut back or pay more because 'we're the problem'.

The corrupt practices of financial institutions and Wall St. traders are not only not being convicted and are becoming SOP ways to 'earn a living' (choking here), but they are robbing the fruits of productivity from every publicly traded company - the very fruits that workers should be benefiting from.

They are using their monetary power to hold hostage the stability of the economy and thus influence congress to continue the practices of legislating all 'reforms' in their favor and to continue their own appointments as Federal Reserve Board members.

The evidence is building at an alarming rate for these suspicions. It is for these reasons and many more that we must audit what actions and what discussions this "government sanctioned", yet private cabal of internationally powerful banks is doing for or to us.