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I may have just committed a Federal crime.

I just signed a "Home Health Certification and Plan of Care".
I sign these all of the time, sometimes several in a day. The Home Health nurses use these to communicate with me, to tell me how my patient is doing, what they think he needs, and how they think they can help him get better.

It is all pretty much routine stuff and usually if there were anything too unusual going on the nurse would call me on my cell phone. The rest of the time I just take them at their word and sign the form.

But next to my signature is this little ditty:

"Anyone who misrepresents, falsifies, or conceals essential information required for payment of Federal funds may be be subject to fine, imprisonment, or civil penalty under applicable Federal laws."

We are all so used to these little warnings and disclaimers that we don't even bat an eyelash anymore.

"Of course" we assume that whenever we do something we might be breaking a federal law.

"Of course" we have to have these little warnings and disclaimers attached to everything we sign.

"Of course" if we didn't have the Federal government supervising our every move our society would immediately devolve into criminality, corruption and chaos.

My father was an IRS agent and used to joke that he always "made
a Federal case out of everything" he did.

I'm not sure if today's generation has even heard the expression.

Today EVERYTHING is a "Federal case".

Of course it is.

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I may just have comitted a crime as well

I ate no gmo food all year.
On top of that I ate vitamins and minreals.

I also always flush my food in filtered water. I never drink unfiltered water. Do not use prepared food. Only natural food washed in filtered water.

I know how to use guns, cause my government trained me how to fastest possible shoot someone...although I did not like that part at all..but I had to or I had to go to jail...

My god I must be a terrorist..