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The GOP wants our input on the party Platform!

Ok they may not actively be asking Daily Paul, but they sent me this email. So now they can hear what we have to say.

I ask that you keep it very respectful and clearly state our ideas and arguments as we all know how.


Dear State Delegates and Alternates,

With the Republican National Convention only 31 days away, we are looking forward to representing South Carolina on the Platform Committee. It is an honor to represent the State of South Carolina at this year’s convention!

As part of the platform committee’s work, the RNC has unveiled an interactive platform for grassroots activists to get involved and make their voices heard. We encourage you to log on to www.gopplatform2012.com and let us know what issues you consider important. You can also follow the Platform Committee on Twitter at @gopplatform2012.

We are excited about working with conservatives from across the nation on a platform that reflects the values that we as South Carolina Republicans hold dear.

Thank you for being a part of helping with this year’s platform.

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I'd tell them

Ending Obamacare leave it at that.

bigmikedude's picture

I'd hold my tongue and NOT send them your input.

Our issues would make you stand out like a neon bulb in the dark as a delegate that supports Ron Paul.

Giving them all the more reason to find a way to not seat you at the convention.