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Liberty For All Super PAC to Play Serious Role in Bentivolio Race

Liberty Grassroots!

The Liberty for All Super PAC is proud to announce our support of Kerry Bentivolio for Congress. As believers in limited Constitutional government, we cannot let the opportunity to elect a true Ron Paul Republican pass. The Republican Establishment in Michigan's 11th district is pushing the write-in candidacy of Nancy Cassis. Mrs. Cassis is your typical big government establishment type, with a history of introducing business killing tax hikes. The Michigan establishment is succeeding in pushing their write-in candidate, so we are taking action to counteract their efforts. Outside sources have revealed that this race is far more competitive than it appears, and it will take money and a concerted effort to win this battle for Liberty.

Many sources have stated that we were the deciding factor in Thomas Massie's primary victory in Kentucky. And with your support, we are convinced that we can also be the deciding factor for a Kerry Bentivolio win.

If you would like to see principled Constitutional Conservative Kerry Bentivolio elected to Congress, please donate at http://pacliberty.com/kerry-bentivolio/

We also want to give a big thank you to everyone who has worked hard on the Bentivolio effort thus far. The grassroots initiative taken for the special election shows just how dedicated and organized our movement is.


The LFA Team

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This is the best news I've heard all day! This is happening in my district :-)

Eric Hoffer