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Batman shooter: "Why am I here?"


NY Daily News:

Accused mass murderer James Holmes told jailhouse workers that he remains stumped about what landed him in a Colorado lockup, a jail staffer told the Daily News.

“He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail,” the worker said Thursday. “He asked, ‘Why am I here?’”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/exclusive-dark-knig...


This stinks more and more each day! Media says shooter's package sat in the mailroom for a week, however, school says it arrived day after the shooting.

Staging the events for public consumption. I call complete BS on this!! If my memory of history serves me well, we can anticipate a "disgruntled family member" of one of the shooting victims to take justice into their own hands to silence him so that the "official story" is sold.

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Smells Fishy

Something is wrong with this whole thing. Witness reports of events from someone receiving a phone call in the theater and opening the exit door, 2nd gas canister thrown from opposite side of theater, it goes on and on.

The eloborate setup at his apt. of explosives, etc. His obvious drugged state at the 1st hearing. 1st rate body protection & fire power.

Something smells here real bad, and it deserves to be proven without a doubt that he wasn't a pasty government setup.

I don't see enough yet to

I don't see enough yet to call it an op. I haven't ruled it out, but one frantic eye witness saying he saw a canister come from a different side is not really enough for me to say it's an op. i do believe either someone let him in or he entered the theater beforehand and rigged the door to allow him to get in the back because theres no way he kicked the door in.

Mind Controlled Patsy?


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Next Story

In Colorado you have to be fingerprinted when you buy a gun. You pay a $100 fingerprinting fee


This guy bought two of them legally so they have his fingerprints on file. His mother identified him.

This guy killed a bunch of innocent people. We should be focusing on why, if it could have been prevented, what warning signs to look for in the future, that justice is done, and concern for the victims. There are a lot better conspiracies out there if people want to spend their time on them besides a nonsensical one like this. The shooter is guilty. James Holmes is the shooter. Next story.

What's the hurry to move on?

Fingerprints could be very easily planted in the file. The guy looks like a dazed and drugged MKULTRA zombie to me.

Ok, first of all- THE


We've got some lady who claims to speak for these people.. THAT is all.

There is something "weird" going on with the parents, as they would be coming out and saying "he didn't do this" like parents always do under normal circumstances (especially when the kid is smart and has a history of good choices).

There were multiple eye-witnesses saying cops were there as it happened, one cop seen "wearing a gas mask."

Yet, after 1.25 minutes from receiving the first call, they were certain there was only one shooter, and they had the correct guy, in a theater full of people in costumes and capes. Yet, cops were certain right away "he acted alone."

No CCTV footage released.

Both the coroner and police chief "worked on 9/11" the coroner for Aurora now was doing the "DNA identification" on 9/11 victims and he's likely compromised.

Fingerprints don't really mean anything, pretty much every single person in this country has their prints on file, and if the police department is going to do a false flag, they're going to lie about finger prints as well.

Police were on the scene in 1 minute, taking people away- where are the ambulances? How did police get there so fast? Do the dash-board cameras of the police cars show this happening?

And Robert Holmes is to

And Robert Holmes is to testify on the LIBOR scandal in a few weeks.


The Revolution Continues..

Nope. That info is from Sorcha Faal

Therefore not credible if unable to confirm elsewhere.

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thank you

I didn't have to say it this time.


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That hasn't been confirmed

to my knowledge.

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Thank goodness

we have you to sort it all out for us.

You must have been IN the theater with your Xray glasses and saw through the reported gas mask and head to toe body armor the alleged shooter was wearing.

How convenient to have some random stranger come here and declare themselves judge, jury, and executioner, and then tell us to basically move along.

And how lucky we are that

he signed up 3 hours ago so he could "enlighten" us all.


First,both pictures show a mole just to the left and down from his lips. Second, the lighting, angle, and contortion of his mouth are different so it is going to look different. Third the different color hair combined with the different style is enough to make anybody look different from one pic to the next all by itself.

The mother identified him. He has been fingerprinted and even if he isn’t in the system I am sure his fingerprints are all over his apartment. So if this guy is a patsy did they sneak him into the real guy’s apartment and have him touch a bunch of things and then pay off the mother and an entire university of people that knew him? Get real. And the guy was studying neuroscience. I’m sure he was intelligent enough to do what he did and where did someone come up with the figure 20k to buy the equipment? Which btw the two guns he bought legally he did so with picture ID as well.

But, and this is the real important part, you conspiracy theorists are making a mockery out of the suffering the victims are going through with this sideshow nonsense. God forbid any of them actually start wondering if this is the right guy over this Internet smoke and mirrors. And the real story is the victims, not all this attention on the shooter or even worse planting a seed that could taint a jury pool. I am all about finding the truth whatever it may be. But this is trampling the truth trying to find a conspiracy.

Let those with curious minds do what they do best.

Are we all supposed to be numb with shock or bleeding with empathy? There are a lot of people here who have seen a great deal of evidence that things are often not as they seem. The main questions here IMO are who stands to benefit by this action (the state obviously) and what could cause someone to do what was done. Drugs and mental instability have to be considered but so do external factors, individuals who might have been able to exercise control over Holmes for the purpose of having him perform these very acts.

I don't see how raising these questions dishonors the grieving families any more than pursuing the mental health angle. There are plenty of people pursuing the latter. Let others pursue the conspiracy angles.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Bait & Switch or ???

Check out this picture. The games are getting old....


this has been debunked


please people. important to be critical, not gullible.

Agree as to Occupy photo, but

forget about that. I questioned it, too, but consider it irrelevant. At issue are the two face-front portraits. If you prefer (see photo and also analysis):

And if smiling might slightly change the appearance of the nostrils, it does not change the width of one's nose! At the very least, even it were the same person, something major must have happened to so distort his face. There's something rotten in Denmark. Unfortunately, it's so stinky, the questions and discrepancies so obvious, that one must consider the possibility it is deliberate. See EthanNL comment below.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

It appears, Troy,

the photo at your link not my link has been debunked. Discernment is key in this age of illusions and deception. But, as is said, everyone is free to believe whatever they wish....


a bit of a stretch maybe. His nose spreads out because of the smile.

HIs dilated pupils in the far right tell it all.

Why switch when you can just dope em?

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good observation

good observation

what the what? what am i

what the what? what am i Looking at.... I need to do some research.

That's crazy

But wouldn't his parents recognize if it wasn't him?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Crazy? Try insane...

These "people" have no conscience, no morals, ethics, no Love, empathy, sympathy or feelings for others of any kind. The term 'cold-blooded' comes to mind. It is way past time for the world to wake up.

There isn't enough evidence

There isn't enough evidence available to us yet to say for sure this guy is a patsy. I haven't ruled it out but there isn't enough to go on at this point. I'm not going to blindly follow the media or the government though, thats obvious. I'm hoping enough information leaks out for us to start drawing clearer conclusions.

Pretty sure this fourwinds

Pretty sure this fourwinds site is bogus.

Well I don't Know

But is seems like the stuff in the article should be researched by us and try to find out if it's true. That would explain a lot.