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Apple Attempts to Prevent Free in-App Purchase Hack

Apple is taking steps to stop users gaining free in-app purchases through an online hack.

Apple have reportedly taken steps to prevent the use of a free in-app purchase hack. The hack, published by Russian hacker Alexy V. Borodin, shows app users how to work around in-app purchases and get the extra content for free.

Apple have confirmed that they are investigating the hack and have already taken steps to minimize the number of people who can use it. They also told developers that the loophole would be closed completely in iOS 6, making the hack void.

For now, they have reportedly responded to the hack by adding a new field to capture users’ unique device identifier (UDID) to track in-app purchases through the Apple Store. This can help identify which devices are using the hack to get free content. Apps aren’t normally supposed to collect this information, so the move has sparked debate over whether Apple are rolling out broader security measures involving UDIDs, or whether this is a one-time event.


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