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Are Top Republicans Out to Derail Romney Nomination?

Are Top Republicans Out to Derail Romney's
July 22, 2012 By Joe Rothstein
Editor, EINNEWS.com

About this time four years ago, Hillary Clinton’s supporters were still hoping for a late-breaking game changer that would tip the delegate board and derail Barack Obama before the Democratic convention. Like the Clinton supporters four years ago, many Republican leaders and activists have not given up the idea of a last minute reprieve from a Mitt Romney candidacy.

Yes, Romney has enough delegate commitments to be nominated.
But until those commitments become delegate votes he’s still what the media
refer to him as, the “presumptive nominee.” Presumptive, as in “presume.”
But let’s presume that Romney’s continued stonewalling of the release of his tax returns clicks in with voters as a serious blemish on Romney's character and his poll numbers begin to tank. Or presume that he does release those tax records and they prove what many suspect--that he didn’t pay any taxes at all in 2008 or 2009, or that he took advantage of a no-IRS-prosecution amnesty given in 2009 to Americans with Swiss bank accounts, or that Romney’s returns contradict claims he’s been making about his Bain experience.


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Good Article

They all need to go down!

Romney is getting weaker by the Day

Especially after the disastrous mistakes he is making in England, it will not take too much to knock him out. The Paul vs. Obama Poll could help get the delegates ready to consider Ron Paul as the alternative to the presumed nominee. Could Romney's poll numbers be lower than we know?
Could Ron Paul's poll numbers be higher than we know?

Paul vs. Obama Poll - ChipIn Now:



I personally think the romney camp is in trouble.
rolling out bush and rushing to london in the middle of a heated campaign..
everything does not seem normal seems like romney is scattered and nervous when he speaks. he always slips up also, never calm talking or knowledgeable.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

this is an amazing article

seriously, we should be posting this everywhere and letting everyone know that its apparent

It IS Possible- Read Everyone

...we don't really know the unseen power brokers behind the whole mess.

Now read between the lines for me and tell me what it would look like.
Pre-convention...and they put up Jeb or somebody like him?

Could we hope that there are many anti-Bush/Romney delegates? Would that in any way *buy* Ron Paul more speaking time? Could more speaking time be *demanded* by RP delegates and confused Romney delegates?

Is this a possible Tampa miracle where the message could be broadcast nationally followed by a re-start of the phenomenal speaking tour?


Give 'em THE LIST!

Michelle Bachmann
Tim Pawlenty
Gary Johnson
Rick Perry
Buddy Roemer
John Huntsman
Herman Cain
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney

for "GOP" ticket

+ 1


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