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What have you done to help get the word out about S.202?

Since HR 459 passed the House yesterday and S. 202 is sitting on a shelf somewhere in the Senate what have you done yesterday, today, or in the future to get the word out about getting the Senate, specifically Harry Reid to bring S.202 up for vote?

For me since I live in Nevada I called Senator Reid's Washington D.C's office spoke directly to his aid and called again to leave a voice mail. Finally, I emailed Senator Reid and junior Senator Dean Heller about supporting S.202. I was able to persuade my parents (who live in NY) to write to their senators (Schumer & Gillibrand) to persuade Sen. Reid to put S.202 on the Senate floor.

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I've Contacted John Barrasso and Mike Enzi

Contacted both our Wyoming Senators to let them know I expected them to support S. 202 when it comes to the Senate Floor. Senator Barrasso is currently a co-sponsor of the S. 202 the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011. I informed both senators not to vote to amend S. 202 in a way that would allow a deluded version to replace it. I reminded Senator Barrasso that he was up for re-election this year and that if he wanted my continued support that he would need to continue to support S. 202 and vote 'YES' on the bill when it comes before the Senate Floor.

Nice, Brother

Im wondering if I should keep emailing/calling every other day or so?


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yes, I am

yes, I am

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Did an initial assault

I've called every office of Senator Reids (staff answeringthe phones really sounded temperamental, as though they had spent the entire day fielding calls) and called back to leave a message, emailed him stating how I'm not from his state but his "authority" to wiggins a vote of S 202 doesn't just affect his jurisdiction of Nevada, but every other state as well, and is disenfranchising the people America. I also made sure to post the YouTube link of him in 1995/6? proclaiming how he was for an audit of the fed. I made sure he understood that now, more than ever, people are aware of the kick backs that he, along with most other congressmen/women, receive for selling America down the river of tyranny and that actions are not going unnoticed any longer. Then, and I've emailed them before with a response claiming they weren't part of the committe? that votes on S 202 but that they agreed the fed should be audited, I again emailed Sen. Durbin and Sen. Kirk of Illinois asking them to co-sponsor S 202, along with a 3 reasons why explanation that I copied and pasted from another Daily Pauler's comment who was more capable of putting words into a more knowledgable and well received context. I concluded the email with a list of the current co sponsors and advised them that I will be disappointed if they don't and will not vote for them next election if their names are not added to the list.


I agree about....

Senator Reid's aides temperament, they didn't sound too happy answering the phones, especially the one that picked up my phone call. I'm hoping they have been taking calls all day about S.202.

Also, I will point out

I'm commenting from my phone, so please, spare me the spelling, grammar, or punctuation correctional comments. Huge hands and autocorrect are against me here. Thanks.


Much love Sage.

Keep up the good work in fighting for liberty.


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E-mailed McCaskill

Looks like Blunt is already a co-sponsor of the bill, so I e-mailed McCaskill first thing this morning. If I were a betting man, I'd bet I'm getting nothing more than a canned response about how hard she's fighting for Missouri and transparency and all that crap, but that never actually tells me she's going to support it. But then again she is trying to get reelected, so maybe she'll surprise me!