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Rand Paul heading to Texas to support Ted Cruz

Rand and Ron Paul have come out in support of the Ted Cruz for US Senate campaign. This is one of the most puzzling endorsements to come out of the Paul camps, as Cruz has little in his track record to recommend him and many red flags against him -- including gushing from the MSM like the following AP story.


Texas DPers should read the following thread or otherwise do some due diligence on Cruz before voting.


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Rand is a busy little humbug

Rand is a busy little humbug isn't he?

Jim DeMint is coming to help out


I don't care for Dewhurst or Cruz. I will probably hold my nose and vote for Cruz. Dewhurst needs to go. Lesser of two evils still gets you evil.
It is repulsive to me Cruz would not endorse Paul, when Paul endorsed him, yet he is OK having an embarrassment like Palin campaign for him...and she hasn't endorsed Mitt. She seems much more controversial than Ron Paul.

Why vote for Cruz?

Liz, I agree that neither of the candidates are staunch classical liberals like Ron Paul. So, I took a look at their records. Cruz has figured out what to say to appeal to the Rɘvo˩ution and Tea Party latecomers, but is he trustworthy?

Check out the other DP thread that I mentioned in the main article, there's been more conversation there that you may find helpful.

The Balance of Powers must include economic powers.

Is that a typo in your comment?

"staunch classical liberals like Ron Paul". I will wait to see if you correct this before I haul into you.

I can't trust either one of them, but Dewhurst has been in a more noticeable public office and has a record I am very familiar with and I KNOW he should not be a senator.

ABC News loves Cruz. This

ABC News loves Cruz. This could have been written by the Cruz campaign, other than the mistake that Cruz is the former Solicitor General, not Dewhurst.

Ah, but what's an error or two when you're writing propaganda on deadline. Besides, confusion is always in the favor of the deceiver.

The Balance of Powers must include economic powers.