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Media Picks Up on the Hypocrisy of Harry Reid

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Why Reid will block AuditTheFed Bill - Jerry Doyle VIDEO

Jerry Doyle breaks down why Harry Reid will block Ron Paul's bill calling for an audit of the federal reserve....

Media picks up on dailypaul!


Send to Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin


These guys love to attack any Democrat and especially Harry Reid!!!

This attack is so easy and good they won't be able to leave it alone...and in taking the bait they'll be convincing all their brain-washed followers that auditing the Fed is good.

You might ask why they would support auditing the Fed, right? I mean that's too complicated for them to understand, right? Yes, but they'll support auditing the Fed because Harry Reid doesn't want to do it!

Win them over using the emotion that they're so easily swayed by...and we can all watch it happen on the national evening news with Hannity!!!


As we are blitzing Reid's office we need to blitz the Drudge Report with all these articles/videos, go to this link and put them there:

A good way to defend your freedoms:

Not Until

The MSM on print and Network and cable TV p/u on this tidbit of information will the message truly get to the apathetic americans.

nevada needs

To demand his resignation

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!

The Daily Bail Scooped You!

I was just there, adding a comment, regarding the ALTERNET reporting of HARRY WHOREHOUSE REID.
This post is many hours old. I read this through other 'hyperlinks', at least 36 hours ago.
I REMEMBER this speech on C-SPAN, watching it live. The POSTURING was NOTORIOUS, even back in 1995! The guy was pointed out to be a COINTELPRO PLANT in his support of any 'AUDIT THE FED' legislation even THEN, and if you listen CAREFULLY, you will understand that he was NOT IN FAVOR of ABOLITION, but simply 'WHITEWASHING'.

Partisan BICKERING over 'who said what, and when' is a tool used to DISTRACT us from the common goal of RESTORING THE CONSTITUTION.

The DAILY BAIL, indeed, 'scooped' you.



Fox 19 is doing it, but I don't see PMSNBC, ABC, or CBS running a story on it.

WELL, since I found the ALTERNET via Steve Quayle, a number of years ago, and SINCE the ABCCBSNBC whores are losing 'market share' expotentially in favor of the ALTERNET, I see a positive in your point.
When WND and DRUDGE and BREITBART (WRH and Daily Paul and Steve and Stan and others are reporting on this as this is being written) post stories in their headline topics, I will agree with your statement that 'MAINSTRAM MEDIA' is reporting on this HARRY WHOREHOUSE REID issue.

Uh-oh. I feel an 'ANONYMOUS' moment coming up!


Harry Reid Says He Wants to Audit the Fed in 2010 Debate

Might as well add on this nice gem

I agree with Harry! Give em Hell Harry!

I think we should all call or write his office and tell him how proud we are of him that he wants to audit the FED.


I agree with Harry! Give em Hell Harry!

I think we should all call or write his office and tell him how proud we are of him that he wants to audit the FED.


The timing of this audit is

The timing of this audit is critical. The Fed charter comes up next year! If we can put all the ugliness on the table for all to see, things might be very interesting next year.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein


12 U.S.C. § 341 : US Code – Section 341: General enumeration of powers shows:

[b]“Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.“[/b]

In other words, Congress would have to pass a law abolishing the Federal Reserve System in order to get rid of it, Or a DOJ that has a massive set of balls to start prosecuting them for crimes..

Why do people latch on to the idea of the original charter not even knowing it was for 20 years? Does anyone even read law anymore or just keep regurgitating inaccurate information?

You Assume Too Much.

You ASSUME that there WILL BE a 'next year'.
You ASSUME that things will continue, as they always have, for this nation (and the world).
You are INTERESTED in an 'EMPIRICAL' way, of seeing the FED getting autited, at a LATER DATE, as if this is some 'mental game'.
You ASSUME that this 'nation' will still be here, next year.

The 'make an ass of you and me' portion of the 'ASSUME' action verb will be lost to you.
HEINLEIN was slightly diluted in his 'mental ability'.
He gave himself over to the 'scientific creationists'.

Yeates was right.
'The center cannot hold.'

"The timing of this audit is critical.
things might be very interesting next year"

The 'moment of criticality' passed us by in 1913. It took only 4 years, to get the 'United States' embroiled in what we call 'World War One',THANKS TO THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Your crap comments about 'timing' and 'next year' pale in comparison.


other threads

I've seen seem to center around the charter being perpetual or for 100 years...

Label Jars, Not People!

Who Wrote These Charters?

WHOSE THREADS are you referring to?
WHO gave these 'posters' the AUTHORITY to state that this 'CHARTER' would last for another hundred years?
WHOSE 'charter'?

Perhaps you meant another FOUR HUNDRED YEARS:

Sorry, bucko.
Our memories are LONG, and WE can play the ROCK WARS.


I am sensing

some hostility here. please step away from the phazer, and beam me over a polite question ok?

Label Jars, Not People!