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90 Arrested by DEA Crackdown on 'Bath Salts'

90 Arrested by DEA Crackdown on 'Bath Salts'

By Sarah Freishtat-The Washington Times
Updated: 9:09 p.m. on Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Drug Enforcement Administration launched a nationwide strike against synthetic drugs this week, marking the first major federal crackdown on the easily available drugs.

Operation Log Jam netted more than 90 importers, middlemen and retailers of “designer drugs,” which include synthetic marijuana and a substance known as “bath salts.”

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Is this from the Onion?

Seriously this might be the single dumbest paragraph of propaganda I have ever read.

"Bath salts contain a cocktail of three chemicals, and is taken orally or by injection. One expert described it as having the same effect as taking amphetamines and cocaine at the same time, leaving users with an intense high that causes them to feel violent and paranoid. One bath-salts user in Louisiana committed suicide because he thought police were after him. Another user was found wandering the West Virginia woods in women’s underwear after he stabbed a goat."