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Real Reason for Anti-Johnson Spews Lately

As of late, there has been a very strong influence present here at the Daily Paul to talk down Gary Johnson. For instance, Anti-Johnson posts adorning their bias in the title regularly appear under the 'Originals' tab on the right of the DP webpages. As soon as one disappears, another quickly takes its place. I know many of you are waiting to see what happens in Tampa, but this latest article from Examiner.com reveals the motives for Romney and Obama supporters to hold Johnson's popularity down until AFTER the RNC - about 4 WEEKS FROM NOW.

Here is a clip from the article - http://www.examiner.com/article/libertarian-johnson-plans-fi...


“Thanks to more than 1,400 generous donors, the Money Bomb has raised $115,000 so far. $35,000 to go!” Nielson says, “And we need to reach that goal by Monday. We must do it by Monday because right now we are planning our first radio ‘buy’, and hope to go on the air as early as next week.”

If readers pick-up on a sense of urgency, it’s no accident. The first Presidential debates are scheduled for just over two months from now. In order to participate, Gary Johnson will need to hit 15 percent in the polls some time before that. That gives the campaign and its supporters approximately 6 WEEKS to achieve that goal in time to earn an invitation to the first debate. And at the rate Governor Johnson is climbing in the polls, he may just get there.


Like I said, the RNC is 4 WEEKS away and the first debates are ~8 WEEKS away! Polls run at a time delay. The data is collected, processed, and released. That delay is a few days.

Gary Johnson needs OUR support NOW if he is to get into the debates. We CAN'T wait until after the convention!

We must have a platform to spread the word!

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In a head to head

matchup between Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson, I would vote for Mitt Romney. Now explain to me again why I would want to donate to Johnson or want him in the debates?

Even the most hard core Ron Paul

supporters wouldn't vote for Romney!
They probably wouldn't vote at all.

If Romney wins, it is a disaster for the liberty movement in the GOP.
As long as neo-cons win general elections, the establishment will force neo-con candidates for president.

So you're for bombing Iran...

over not bombing Iran?

If Ron Paul doesn't make it,

If Ron Paul doesn't make it, then GJ isn't going to get past the Republicrats. Bottom line is that he doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of overcoming the party machine that RP talks about frequently. Aside from that, GJ has not convinced me to support him based on his positions or his charisma (or lack thereof.) I did not think he himself supported RP and sought to siphon off support from our movement and I think his positions are weak on foreign policy and on some domestic issues. I'm just not enthused by GJ. Yes, he is better than Obama or Romney but if RP doesn't make it, I would just as soon have Obama screw things up further until everyone is so pissed off that they finally stop supporting these phony politicians. So, I will be writing in RP or staying home. I was a lifelong Libertarian...but I am done with the party of ivory tower principles. We need to work within the scope of the party machine and take it over as we currently are. Also, we need to stick with the mission and support our current liberty candidates, delegates, and office holders, not bail on them. Sorry, GJ isn't going to get us any closer to freedom through his prez bid, the Libertarians aren't going to suddenly get anyone in office. I say, why don't the Libertarians join the rest of us as Rs and take over the GOP and the political machine?

For a while I didn't mind the

For a while I didn't mind the Gary Johnson people around here, but this is getting old.

Dear Johnson fans,

I will not vote for anybody but Ron Paul. He is not a pure enough libertarian. I have met his campaign workers who try to defend his positions. This one staffer spoke pro debt, pro war, and anti gold.

Johnson is not a true libertarian, the libertarian party could have found a better candidate.

Johnson is better than Rombama; however, Johnson is not ready to be president. He needs to learn a bit more before he earns my trust.

Ron Paul is the most fit to be president.

So please Gary Johnson guys, I do not like him and unless he learns a thing or two like Ron Paul, I will never vote for him. When Ron Paul speaks its prophetic. When Johnson speaks, he hurts the libertarian cause.

Please stop wasting your time here, I do not care about Johnson and won't vote for him. I will write in Ron Paul if I have to.

The Purpose of This Web Site:

I assume that the purpose of this Web Site is to promote: Restoring Constitutional Government to The United States.

That's what the caption says (at the top) on this Web Site. So let's agree upon that.

The only next relevant question here then is, what candidate who is officially on the ballot in November is carrying those policies forward?

Why then do some people here just sneer and scoff at Gary Johnson, and refuse to support him? Don't they realize that cutting down Johnson just helps the Establishment roll on forward. Wouldn't it be nice to rally enough support here to get Gary Johnson included in the Fall Election Debates? .

That would be a positive thing. But it's as if some people think here that they can't support the only Libertarian running in the 2012 Election, because (irrationally) it would hurt Ron Paul's feelings or something. This is nonsense.

Ron Paul himself chose not to run as a 3rd-Party. And it's also too late for him now to run as an Independent, and go through the hoops to get on all the ballots and qualify.

So the only question that remains is: Do you want to support a candidate who is: anti-Patriot-Act, anti-Drug-War, wants to bring the troops home, anti-NAFTA, would support an audit of the Fed, etc. or do you want Mitt Romney and Obama to go totally unchallenged?

well....?.....(should be an easy question)

If you don't want to see Romney-Obama go totally unchallenged, then we all here need to aggressively support Gary Johnson. It's really that simple.


And, no folks: Write-in names simply are not counted, and not processed in this Country. So dispense with that irrelevant thought.

And just because Rand Paul wants to vote for Romney, does not mean that we all need that blind as well.

I wish

I wish I could vote your post up more then once, Very nice post and very true.
Thank You

One major reason I won't write-in Ron...

I made this statement on another thread, and since this got bumped thought I'd copy it to this post.


To focus only on one path to victory is a very narrow approach. There is no reason why people can't use our 'precious' time we have now to multitask - to do our best to pursue any path to the GOP nomination for Paul AND to do our best to not have the debates be a jovial forum for Mitt and Obama to discuss how much they agree on everything.

If Ron Paul gets the nomination, Johnson can kiss my rear. Ron Paul is the reason why I ever got involved in the first place. But I also know this 'Movement' can't end with Ron Paul either. Gary

Johnson is MUCH more liberty minded than either Romney or Obama. If you want to make a logical argument to write-in Paul, you would have to argue that GJ is worse on liberty than Romney or Obama. Incrementalism got us into this mess, and Johnson is a damn 'Ace in the Hole' for liberty compared to RObamney. Johnson is MORE than and incremental step back in the right direction. He's a damn leap.

The approach of writing-in Ron Paul defeats your goals with respect to the race for POTUS in the event Ron Paul doesn't get nominated. Romney wins... Obama wins... Then, liberty surely must wait until 2016... Maybe longer if Romney pulls off a 'November Miracle.'

Truth be told - as far as the POTUS race is concerned - Johnson is the liberty movement's best shot.

As far as concerns with Johnson's foreign policy, I would concern myself with the bigger picture - which GJ has said that he would NEVER take military action without declaration by Congress (same argument Paul gives). Johnson says he wants to IMMEDIATELY pull the troops from Afghanistan, and he understands that Iran is NOT a threat to the US.

If either Romney or Obama get into office, McCain will be gleefully singing bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran as he watches the first missiles land on television Iraq-war-style within the term of the next presidency. Johnson on the other hand WON'T.

But I guess EVEN if a Johnson presidency could save a few thousand military lives by avoiding a war with Iran, writing-in Ron Paul is still the liberty minded thing to do.

24 up votes...

for this post as of now.

It's currently the number one most contentious article on the site.


I wonder what Ron Paul would poll as a Libertarian?

The Libertarian Party would be wise to find out because not being in the debates is the kiss of death for a third party candidate. Ron Paul has the exposure and the supporters from his Republican Party run and certainly would have a better chance that Johnson.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Ballot Access

The LP is busy getting ballot access in the remaining few states. Anyone who wants to help make sure they have a candidate on the ballot should consider helping them out on that.

I can't wait for the day when I have 3 or 4 freedom fighters on my ballot to choose from in the general election. Then, even if they weren't all Ron Paul, at least they'd be on our side.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

In my county

RP got 20 votes as a write in; GJ got 21, Lee Writes 4; Roger Gary 1; James Ogle 3; Scott Kellor 4; R.J. Harris 1; Carl Person 1, Barbara Joy Waymire 10; Bill Still 0.

Too bad sore loser laws...

will prevent that from happening. Ron Paul has no intentions to run 3rd party anyway. This is what Dr. Paul has said from the beginning. Did you not believe the Doctor?

We can defeat RObamney if...

this is put on the front page. The number of down votes makes me confident.

I dare you, Michael Nystrom.

From the story: "Thanks to

From the story: "Thanks to more than 1,400 generous donors, the Money Bomb has raised…"

So now the Johnson campaign is using the term "money-bomb." Oh well, I guess Ron Paul should have copyrighted that phrase.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

It was never Ron's to copyright.

It was Trevor Lyman's.

Formerly rprevolutionist

That Makes As Much Sense As

The LP used to throw tea parties every April 15, before electronic filing reduced the lines at the post office.

Maybe they should have copyrighted "tea party." Or, the "R3VOLution" logo--that was originally used by Ernie Hancock's Libertarian campaign.

It's a nit-pick and pointless to attack the LP or Johnson for using techniques commonly used in the freedom movement. The LP was founded the same time and for the same reason that Ron Paul got involved in politics, and it has been a part of the movement for the same length of time, being the first to nominate Ron Paul for president.

Ron Paul couldn't copyright that phrase because he didn't create it--we did.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The Gary Johnson Campaign...

has raised over $2000 in the last couple of hours!

Getting closer and closer to the goal of $150K! It's at $134.7K now!

They have a ticker - http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/



Dude... when's the stupid "election" over with?

Can we finally get over ourselves at that point, or, will there still be weird ICAMPAIGNHARDERTHANYOUANDDOMORESTUFF going on at that point???

this place needs to equilibrilize.

Is there any reason NOT to support Johnson at this point?

There's nothing we can do for Ron Paul at this late hour. The votes have been cast, the delegates have been chosen. It's finished. We can just wait and see.

OR, while we're waiting to see what happens in Tampa, we can stop procrastinating and start backing the OTHER liberty candidate.

"this is the Daily Paul, and not the Daily Gary."

And its purpose is not to idolize Ron Paul, its purpose is to spread LIBERTY.

Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee. Hence, I will vote for and support Gary Johnson as a plan B. That is the answer to the question: what should we do now to best advance the cause of liberty?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I imagine the big reason is

I imagine the big reason is that this is the Daily Paul, and not the Daily Gary.

I like Gary Johnson, but im voting Dr. Paul this time. I may choose to support Gary Johnson in the future, so long as I don't feel like he played a role muddying the waters on the Daily Paul and sewing division when we needed unity the most.


The Johnson campaign peaked 2 weeks ago when Paulfest was announced.
GJ campaign is in the red and the only way for a third party to win is to run a conservative campaign, and even then its almost impossible to win.
GJ will leave the floor in debt owing others money, no different then newt, bachmann, cain and pawpaw....They took their supporters money and spent more then what they had and now owe printers, planners, staff and organizers to their rallys including space and bldgs rented.
These ignorant candidates all owe for their liberal spending campaigns, and GJ is no different.

additionally and more importantly about gairi,
He completely ignores one of governments most important roles... To protect innocent life, where ever it may be found. and also he is for intervention, SOMETIMES!lol

The est. needs many sides to its rotten big government face.
Gari is the lib side of such "rotten face" obama no longer cuts the lib cake- another needs to be on the stage..., Gairi has fooled a few with his emotional rhetoric and mooched a few of Pauls websites and a few supporters...
BUT. wait for it~
That only makes Pauls minions work that much harder and fight/donate that much more.
Its called blowback.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Good luck finding that platform

Please do not hijack this one.

The debates...

are the platform.

And it wouldn't be hard to view

pushy pro GJ posts on the dailypaul as a distraction from getting Paul and his delegates the support they need for an upset in Tampa. I donated to the "in it to win it Moneybomb" and I meant it and if i wanted to learn about GJ i wouldnt come here. All those people that are finding out about Ron Paul and coming here to learn about HIM are presented with conflicting GJ posts and comments, that may or may not be helping our community and movement appear unified. That to me seems like a distraction, intentional or not. We need to inform newcomers and convert those delegates! Ron Paul 2012!

Hear, Hear!

Succinctly stated, Optimist!!

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

That makes sense

I was wondering why the increase of GJ posts here, even though it's obvious we are trying hard to focus on doing our best in Tampa. Now I understand. Thank you for this post. +1 to you.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

What is the difference?

Romney, Obama, Johnson...They all support more foreign wars! Perhaps that is where the so called "spews" are coming from....The fact that Johnson is just another neo-con.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

You can lie about that all

You can lie about that all you want and it still isn't true.

He only make a POTENTIAL exception for genocide.

Ron Paul has NEVER said he would not intervene with Congressional approval. In fact, he has said that he would require congressional approval AND a "good goal" in order to go to war.

Well, that sounds like a darned neo-con to me, ready to march off to war the moment Congress gets bent out of shape over something.

I guess you've never read any of his quotes, seen any of his speeches or read his web page.

His foreign policy is essentially identical to Gary Johnson's.

And, despite his hatred for Israel, he supported their bombing of the Iraqi nuclear facility. Neo-con city right there, baby. Ron Paul, neo-con.

And, really, he only wants to cut the military by 15% compared to Gary's 43% and he wants to build more unneded bases at home.

Man, he loves his MIC, doesn't he?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"