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Auditing The Fed is Like Auditing a Mafia Counterfeiting Operation

"Here is the plain fact of the matter. We already know what the Federal Reserve is doing. Sure we may not know exactly which banks get exactly which graft, which may be of some interest. But for the most part we know exactly what they are doing. They are artificially price-fixing/manipulating interest rates at 0% through to 2014… which will be six years of ZIRP. And they are counterfeiting as much money as is necessary to support the massive trillion+ dollar deficits that the US Government has been doing for the last five years and with no end in sight in an unprecedented amount of money printing that has never been surpassed in Federal Reserve history.

And, any audit that uncovers these two facts will do nothing to change anything. The western world’s propaganda campaign to teach only Keynesian economics, which are pro-money printing and deficit spending, have enveloped all levels of society now. It is all that is taught in the economics department of almost every university in the west including Harvard and Oxford. So, will auditing the Fed change anything? Of course not."


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An audit will expose it to millions more.