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ALERT: The Alex Jones movement has taken over this website.

This is no longer the Daily Paul but the Daily Conspiracy.

Every conspiracy theory imaginable is posted, to the embarrassment of Dr. Paul and the majority of his supporters.

Everything from 9/11 Inside Job to Government-Staged Aurora Shooting, and other irrational conspiracy theories that Dr. Paul doesn't hold.

An estimated 80% of the regular users are Jonespeople.

And the Jones movement's followers have now succeeded at infiltrating (possibly all) moderator positions, and now have free reign to post their psychotic conspiracy theories on the front page.


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I have a conspiracy theory about posters like you

I think they are the most annoying bunch of little flies that ever lived and all figured out how to type the same post ever few months under different screennames in an effort to bring their annoyingness to the world via the internet.
Either that or actual sheep with wool over their eyes.

To my knowledge, there is no Jones movement. The guy is really annoying and tends to embellish things. There is, however a growing movement of people who are willing to look painful subjects in the eyes, do diligent research and learn that the official version of things is often the farthest from the truth. Those people are tired of being lied to and would rather not just go back to sleep, content that their government loves them and will protect them and always tell the truth.

Alex Jones is a Freedom Fighter

and he understands the importance of Questioning EVERYTHING

Ron Paul

knows Alex Jones's beliefs on false flags, conspiracies and such...yet Dr. Paul goes on Alex's show pretty often..as does Rand Paul. If Ron thought that Alex was a looney tune, I doubt he would go on with Alex.

Long time member here. I

Long time member here. I agree with you. It was awful two years ago, but since Aurora this place went full retard. Anyone saying "slow down, let's get the facts straight before we make wild accusations" gets down voted and called a troll


"DennisYork" ....author of this post...

You sir, have been a member of Daily Paul for TWO WEEKS and THREE DAYS. Thank You for stopping bye.

Sir, Do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a "crazed gunman" and was acting alone?

Sir, Do you believe that the incidents that occurred in the Gulf of Tonkin were just a series of errors and mishaps?

Sir, Tell me. What caused the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7?

Sir, please answer these questions.

Also, keep in mind, that a conspiracy is simply two or more individuals engaged in criminal activity.

Finally Sir,

For those of us that have been here since 2007, we all know for a fact that there has been an organized effort to minimize Ron Paul as much as possible. We all know this because we have lived it. This Sir, is definately a CONSPIRACY...or would you deny this as well?

*I will check back later to see if you have an answer to my questions. Good Day Sir.

listen and

listen and learn....


I suppose this is a conspiracy also.

"And the Jones movement's

"And the Jones movement's followers have now succeeded at infiltrating (possibly all) moderator positions, and now have free reign to post their psychotic conspiracy theories on the front page."

Is this a snark or just an incredible example of irony?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

soon we'll be expanding out

soon we'll be expanding out to the parking lot and onto highway checkpoints where you will have to park your car and listen to us rant about conpiracy theories. we'll grope you too, to make sure you're not hiding anything that resmebles the "accepted" version of the corporate media's truth.


another 6 week 5 day know it

another 6 week 5 day know it all...

oh shut the hell up.....

oh shut the hell up.....

cocky Texas boxer

... has some degree of difficulty evolving / big shocker there ??? How about YOU try and build a beacon of truth in a world full of lies?


I don't know about Alex Jones. I've never heard him and I'm not interested in hearing him. But you're correct about the over-the-top conspiracy mongering, DennisYork. It's kooky and embarrassing. I'm sure it's had a detrimental effect on Paul's candidacy. On the other hand, the vast majority of Paul supporters don't even know the DP exists. And some of us who are members here recognize looney thought when we see it. You're not alone.

I agree, though, that our site is becoming less relevant as time goes on because of all the fantasizing. It's sunk to a new low now that we're getting outpourings of sympathy, or at least excusing, for the Colorado mass murderer. It's not a normal reaction or sensible reaction. Trying to reason with its purveyors will not work, however. Sad.

There's a reason we don't hear Ron Paul talking like that. I'm sure he doesn't do it in private, either. Why? Because he's not kooky.

Let the down voting begin...

Why can't people be both?

Why can't people be both? There are lots of alternate news sites to follow. What has this to do with participating on the DP forum? There is lots of overlap and interesting perspectives being brought to this site because of the wide range of alternate viewpoints. Your intolerance of AJ sounds like a vendetta rather than a rational criticism.

alex jones says he began his

alex jones says he began his broadcasting career as a main-line libertarian, and then people started calling into his shows and telling him there were martial law drills thirty miles south of his radio station. so then he began traveling around texas for where there were black helicopters and delta force shooting up buildings.

he just reported on it in the beginning.

And now he's compiled a lot of evidence against the new world order, evidence it would take a long time to digest all at once.

So if you are familiar with the austrian school of economics and Murray Rothbard, you can then begin with theory.

Other books i recommend:

Liberarianism in One Lesson by David Bergland
A Liberty Primer by David Boaz
The Law by Frederick Bastiat
For a New Liberty by Murray Rothbard
The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
The Case against Fluoride by Dr. Paul Connet, et al.
End the Fed by Dr. Ron Paul
Revolution: A Manifesto by Dr. Ron Paul
The Case for Gold by Dr. Ron Paul (1982)

Most of these books would be accepted by main-line liberarians, in fact they all would, and so even by reading main-line writings you will see that conspiracies are rule, and denial of them an exception.


Alex Jones is awesome mr. 2

Alex Jones is awesome mr. 2 weeks.


what 'movement'

are you imagining mr. 2 weeks?

well the bright side to such division is

if you dig a good govt conspiracy- youre among friends at the Daily Paul. If you think people who believe in govt conspiracies are nuts- you're among friends at the Daily Paul. Visitors to the Daily Paul will feel that they are among kindred spirits no matter what they believe. The important thing to remember is to support liberty while whatever side you're embarrassed by embarrasses you : )

With all due respect Dennis,

Your post is kinda stupid. Rather that throwing out wild generalizations maybe actually specify what you are ranting about.

It looks like you're saying there is a conspiracy hatched by A.J. to infiltrate D.P. in order to embarrass R.P. and his supporters?? Are you frothing at the mouth? They have a series of shots for that I think.

No, not a conspiracy.

Just a bunch of idiots.


That clears things up immensely. lol

I reworded a bit.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Don't thank me,

I was being sarcastic...


was I.

Awwww, DennisYork

still believes the USA is a Skittle-shi*ting unicorn. Isn't that cute?


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Where have you been?

This site has always been open to thinking outside the box, as in liberty to think for yourself and freedom of speach.

This is not Ron Paul Forums, this is the Daily Peace Gold and Love/Liberty.

Dennis york is a fish eyed fool punk

Mr. york is a cancerous creation, nuff said as his words mean nothing as the usual punk fool that lies and hates liberty, alex jones is all good in my book as his ratings are sky rocketing and informing and educating folks all across the usa

I do believe..

Ron Paul has talked about the NWO in congress a couple times... now becoming a reality. Hes warned of a false flag attack at a rally. .. but the point is, you probably dont know everything he believes i doubt he would talk about certain things because the media has done such a good job of convincing people everything is a "conspiracy theory" and therfore crazy, no matter what the evidence.
Sure, theres some wild theories out there.. but theres also a lot with plenty of evidence people call crazy. And some people even deny weather modification, when its known fact. Lists of programs are available, articles, companies that specialize in it. The media has openly pushed rfid chips. Our once free country is turning knto a dictatorship.

But don't worry if anu of those crazy conspiracies were happening, Bill O'Reily would be sure to tell you...right?

i'll assume you are a long time lurker

... But this is nothing, you shoulda been here during the non election years. Whats wrong with distrusting the govt's answers? They dont necessarily have a good track record. Only those directly involved ''know'' what happened. The rest of us can only take in as much info as possible from as many sources as possible and form our opinions.
If you're not a lurker... I am increasingly amazed at the gall of newbs.


some people are so afraid of the truth they need to alert you.
.Alert btw this is a government alert so you all better listen...

Obama is lovable and Alex Jones trash...




taking over your cell phones within the future..

Attention, Attention,

Attention, Attention, DennisYork is here to help!! He will not tolerate conspiracy disobedience!! All conspiracy talk must stop!! I repeat, All conspiracy talk must stop!!

Dude, us AJ conspiracy theorists started the Ron Paul Revolution. Be glad that we have been shouting in the wilderness, some of us for decades (me only about a decade and a half). It got to this point because of us doing what we do - expanding the discussion to crazy fringe theories about the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex (those used to be called by everyone and still are called by some, "conspiracy theories"). Very soon our conspiracies about "mind-control" assassinations and false-flags will be mainstream because we keep speaking the truth.