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Romney Rally: Almost all Cops/Secret Service... never speaks

Jennifer Collin attends a Mitt Romney rally in a submission to infowars reporter contest. I must say, I was quite impressed... with the video of course, not the rally


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That's sad

Romney sole purpose is to deny Paul the primary. Now they think it's in the bag it's barely worth the pretense to report on the guy. Sad.


can't make me vote for Romney. If I were the Republican Party, I would refund my donors right now... poor choice of investment that Willard Campaign.

Your tax money...

well spent on probable a quarter of that city's police force, plus all their cars burning gas (cops don't turn them off), the secret service, the rent of the building... They paid someone to set up that fence where Romney never spoke.

Yep folks... Romney will be a good steward of your tax money.

he beat RP in a landslide

so where are all his adoring supporters? Shouldn't they be on the streets following him around everywhere...


So you have cops and secret service all over. There is no one there to speak to. Willard is really catching on!!! (I'm telling ya!)
That must be a tad embarrassing! Oh.... he forgot to tell people there would be free sandwiches! (must have been donuts though for all those cops to show up) Wonder how much taxpayer money went into that nothingness.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Great job


Welp, show that to a Romney

Welp, show that to a Romney delegate.


It sickens me to see what this country has become and what I live in.

I mean physically sick.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016


i'm there man.....i'm there with you.