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I saw my THIRD Romney sticker today.

I saw my very first Romney sticker on a 1999 red Cadillac DeVille at the Oklahoma GOP headquarters delegate meeting, while waiting for the GOP to decide if the Ron Paul delegates could attend and get out of the hot sun, shortly after our parking lot convention back in May. You might have heard, the Oklahoma GOP and our Republican Governor Mary Fallin, thinks we're a bunch of "Obama-lovers". As a side note, the hundred or so, Ron Paul delegates from across the state were not allowed into the actual delegate meeting, but we were allowed to cram into a small, sweltering conference room away from the restricted hall where the good delegates were meeting.

I saw my second Romney sticker just the other day in a Braums parking lot, on a white 1993 Buick Roadmaster with blue trim, covering what appeared to be a Santorum oval. Incredibly, just today, I saw my third Romney sticker on a beige, 1997 Ford Expedition in the Taco Bueno drive through.

At three sighting of Romney stickers, I'm having trouble keeping track of all the sightings and remembering them all. Now, Oklahoma City isn't the largest city in the country, but State of Oklahoma has the distinction of being the 'reddest' state in the nation, with every county in the state voting for McCain in '08 and the OKC metro has well over a million people. We are solid GOP country.

In Oklahoma, we talk to strangers all the time and it's a safe bet that most people you see will be Republican, so I often ask strangers what they think of Mitt Romney. Their reply is like 'Oh, I guess he's better than Obama'. Yep, the Romney excitement is sweeping across the Oklahoma plains like wildfire!

Have any of y'all seen any Romney stickers out there?

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I saw three Ron Paul stickers in one parking lot, last night.

I've seen three Romney stickers on cars this whole season, as I wrote above. Last night, I went to the H&H gun range to buy a new M&P 45 and saw 3 Ron Paul stickers in 5 minutes, out in the parking lot.

It sure seems strange the Romney excitement hasn't caught on in Oklahoma.


Its a lamb side!

Finally saw one

Just recently I finally saw my first actual Romney sticker. I have seen a number of generic anti-Obama stickers though. I guess that pretty much sums up how people feel.

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Add to Obama stickers

Obama total # of stickers + Romney total # of stickers= Total Number of suckers you saw today.

I'am still at one...lol.

Hey anyone in Jackson Mich, someone tore all the Ron Paul signs off the telephone poles on East Michigan Ave,,, I am out of signs need help...

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

Only one I've ever seen here

is on a SUV owned by no other than my next door neighbor. Of course. I must say, though, that the sticker is as lame as the guy it's representing. But it's no matter, I've got my wrangler decked with snazzy RP stickers AND I've a yard sign right where my neighbor can see it clearest.

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Rigging the vote doesn't require popular support

All you need are a few cronies to donate to SuperPacs, some expensive dinners, leverage and support of the Supreme Court.

Remember the quote from one of GW's fundraisers: "This is an impressive crowd the have and the have mores. Some people call you the elite, I call you my base". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn4daYJzyls

Bumper stickers - ha, for the common man.

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As for me in the big city or small TX town?

I've never seen one...

Susie 4 Liberty

Note here in Texas...

... my Ron Paul stickers are still on my vehicles. I'm never taking them off. It's may way of honoring the good doctor and telling the GOP that I'm not voting for Willard, not that their star pupil will get the nomination - no ways. Mitt, the fetus disposal expert, is toast.

Plano TX

Not a one!

Hundreds if not thousands of Dr Paul Stickers I've seen. Rarely a day goes by that I don't see one. However, Not a single Romney sticker did I see...Lets face it. Grassroot supporters are not Romney's forte.

I saw one yesterday here in Brooklyn of all places

But the guy wearing it was homeless and wore an Obama sticker as well. He was clearly insane.

Only sane one

He understands there is no difference between them but he can't find any "Robomney 2012" stickers.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I saw my first one yesterday!

I was almost excited!! The "front-runner" with this HUGE following..LOL..I saw my very first Romney bumper sticker yesterday while driving on the interstate in SC...back window of a 3 year old Lexus SUV.

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I saw one last Tuesday

Out of state plate.

What I like is that no one on my committee has one.

I saw one

on the rear window of an old pickup. The sticker was peeling off which led me to believe that it got there/was peeling off because the sticker had a lackluster adhesive backing which would not stick to anything, much like the candidate it was for.

Three more than what I have ever seen.


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I've seen only one Romney bumper sticker,

And one Romney yard sign. But I have seen many Ron Paul and Obama bumper stickers, and many Ron Paul yard signs.

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No yard signs

and only one bumper sticker.

Dog on ... ?

Did the Romney sticker car have a dog on top of it?

Who is this Romney you speak

Who is this Romney you speak of?

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

You know!

The slick robotic dude that looks and acts just like a car salesman!!!Hah!

Besides the few I saw at the Texas convention

I saw my first one in Plano, on a new white cadi.

Mostly Ron Paul and Obama stickers here in Illinois

Though I did see my very first Romney bumper sticker last week on the car of a local sewing machine mechanic after I dropped off a machine for repairs. He saw the Ron Paul stickers on my car and infuriated me when he said 'so I guess you're voting for Romney now, eh?' When I disagreed he quickly changed the subject. When I went back to pick up my machines, I wore my Ron Paul shirt ever more proudly.

I also keep getting a bunch of Romney mailings lately, and 'official' presidential surveys, whatever they're called. I filled up the envelope that was postage paid with a big load of Ron Paul brochures and information. It makes me sick how much money they're throwing into these Romney mailings.

I hope you got your sewing machine back in good order.

Not that any establishment Republican would steal things, I would hope that your sewing machine came back working properly and with all your good parts not swapped out with junky old parts.

I have seen 1 in Vancouver

I have seen 1 in Vancouver WA, but none in Portland OR. A few Ron Paul stickers and signs. But mostly Obama stickers.


I haven't seen 1 Romney sticker here in central Indiana. Nor have I seen an Obama sticker from 2012. In the past few months, I have seen 2 Obama stickers from 2008, a Bush sticker, and a Bill Clinton sticker. Sadly, I can't say that I have seen any Ron Paul stickers but have seen several homemade signs on the side of the highways.

i was about to say that i never saw my first...

but that would be lying.

two days ago......in near south Fort Worth......i was driving up to the residence that i'm renovating.....and the homeowners had a guy over from pella doors to give them a quote on replacing the back door. i got out of my truck, because that's what we drive here, and low and behold!.......the kinda new mint condition looks like daddy bought it for me VW jetta (silver)is parked across the street in front of their house. and there on the back windshield, right hand side, that pathetic white oval mitten sticker was pasted like a little beeotch. i get in there and low and fing behold........a TCU graduate.......fresh off the blocks.....purple cap still clinging tight to that fat frat boy's head for dear life.......

god knows he didn't buy that car himself.
you think i'm just being judgmental......

if so, then why don't you stroll on over to TCU and see for yourself. no student's car is less than about 45 thousand fiat dollars to buy and a stain never jumps on anyone's clothing.

how do unemployed college students afford 130 thousand dollar degrees while driving lifted F350's and BMW M Series? they don't.

so yeah......i'm a little biased. and it didn't help his having a mittens sticker. worthless frat jackass.

god i'm so sick of rich people having all the money and no taste, no intellect, no nothing........fing worthlessness that is our country.

i'm so sick of it y'all. the stupidity insults me from Waco.

that's the ONLY sticker/sign/whatever i've seen in Fort Worth.

I've seen 2 so far.

Mitt, the mass media candidate.

God's honest truth...I haven't seen ONE in Austin.

But I've seen Ron Paul bumper stickers on light posts, telephone poles, bumpers, windows, buildings, traffic lights, bus stops...