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Devil's Breath Film Will Blow Your Mind!

You Guy's gotta see this! Insane! 100% Evil!! Colorado reason?


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Datura is a genus that includes Loco Weed, Datura stramonium,

which grows wild in the US. It contains a powerful and easily fatal hallucenogenic and the flowers look very similar to the tree form in Colombia.

Datura is in the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, which also includes tomatoes and potatoes. Many of the crop pests for potatoes and tomatoes are prone to feed on Datura. These insects use the toxic alkaloids from plants of this family to make themselves and their eggs toxic to would-be predators.


New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Spoiler alert: The ending is

Spoiler alert: The ending is so lame!

It looks like every other drug out there, why the drama of showing it and then flushing it down the toilet? Were we watching an ABC after-school drama or something???

They should have paid someone to do it in front of them to see for themselves if it is what people say it is. The skinny freak who bought it for them would have probably done it for $100!

Yeah, I was kinda thinking

Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing! We were left thinking if that was Devil's Breath, or coke, or baking soda? I kinda wanted to see the stuff in action!! Reguardless of the ending, the film was still pretty crazy! I loved the part when their dealer showed it to them in the car and made them trip out saying it had gone airborne!! That was classic!!

Yeah, no doubt! The dealer

Yeah, no doubt! The dealer was so sketchy that he was probably just taking these dumb kids money and playing them like fools--having the last laugh.

I love traveling, especially in "3rd world" countries, but the one thing you never do is trust anyone--not even the nice girl with the cute smile that you met at the local supermarket....

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I did not know anything about this plant/drug until a few days ago. (and I thought I knew about drugs)

That was pretty intense. Imagine living in a place where that type of crime is commonplace. It's hard to comprehend.

Don't believe the hype

Humans have been ingesting Datura since antiquity. It is still used recreationally and relatively commonly in surgeries. I only made it 5 minutes into this video because I was laughing at it. It sounds like stupid DARE propaganda I heard it high school. The beginning was basically repeating word for word media invented urban legends.

If you really want to learn about scopolamine (Datura) go to Erowid and Wikipedia. They give a more neutral description that isn't geared toward dramatic entertainment.

I guess the new boogeyman drug of the week is scopolamine. A few weeks ago it was "bath salts." Methamphetamine received its notorious rein. MDMA (ecstasy) was the scare drug in the 2000s. LSD is a sporadic target. Which one is going to be next?!

Which one is going to be next?!

"SPICE"....it's in Tampa, it's supposedly legal.
It's scary sh*t!
Too bad the Mormons don't smoke...

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Only in tiny amounts

does the drug have therapeutic applications. I haven't watched this particular video but I saw an excellent one a while back about scopolomine and how south-American prostitutes often dose their clients with it to induce in them a state in which they will comply with any order - as in: take me to your home and get all your valuables, electronics and money and put them in my van. The more potent form of scopolomine that is used in amnesia-inducing attacks is actually called Burundanga.

One in five emergency room admissions for poisoning in Bogotá, Colombia have been attributed to scopolamine.

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Why not

watch the entire thing and then have an opinion on it?

I generally try not to form an opinion on something unless I have seen it in its entirety. I can tell that you know more than the average person about this subject, but it is hard to have a discussion about it if you haven't watched the whole thing.

Do you think the people (which you apparently did not see) being interviewed were lying about things like giving away their possessions and emptying their accounts through their ATM machines?

I thought this testimony was one of the most interesting parts of the film. I would be interested to know if you think these people are lying, and see you directly dispute THEIR testimony based on your experience.

I have no pride invested in this, or any argument. I am just as happy to be wrong as I am right. This subject (as I stated earlier) is new to me.

i guess i've kind of been

i guess i've kind of been sucked into the hype. but maybe it isn't hype, maybe it's true. i think the c.i.a. does use this stuff. i think i've witnessed it personally... not to sound silly or serious.

And if they use it in surgery and for parkinsons then it must have some intense properties. as far as blowing the powder in someone's face....to put them under control, would a doctor know the difference or why it's less intense in a controlled environment. do they measure it off to 1/10 th of it's potency by diluting it? Where in surgery do they administer it in a powder form? And for the scopolamine patch it is absorbed slowly through the skin. So they don't administer it orally, do they? And it can knock a person out for surgey where they don't have a memory of the surgery, and the doctor says lie still on the table and the patient doesn't go anywhere.


i don't know about the

i don't know about the details and maybe devil's breath is in the details.



the devil is in the beats:


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

could very well be

involved in Colorado incident. The stories told of how the victims would find everything they owned to give over reminded me of how the shooter told the cops about the booby traps in his apartment. And the look on his face sitting in the courtroom, like he was in disbelief and didn't know what had happened.

I wonder if this was used in other incidents, like the face-eater in florida recently.

Holmes's retrograde amnesia was written about in the news.

That's one of the side effects of scopolamine in burundanga. The victim has no recollection of what they've done.

Only watched the first few minutes

and have downloaded it to watch later. Today is the first day I have been forced to login to youtube to watch a video. Also, when I started my youtube downloader, an app that is installed on my machine locally, also made me login.

The "boiling frog" process of internet censorship has offically begun.

don't need to login via:

don't need to login via: http://youtube.com/v/ELAe9D0Lxg8

How did you do that?

All my info is bogus and my email account associated with my youtube account is also bogus so it's not a huge deal but if there is away around logging in on a regular basis...do share.

just rearrange the url in the

just rearrange the url in the format i provided, placing the video id after "youtube.com/v/"
it's not guaranteed to work on every video however.


VICE Magazine is the absolute coolest zine on earth. Ive posted other news stories from them. Check out their other videos.. They get into North Korea, Pakistan, General Butt Naked in the Congo or Sierra Leone.

Ive followed them since the late 90's. They started as a free zine that I first found at rave parties. I wish VICE would cover more U.S. politics.

VICE.COM.. enjoy!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


I posted this on my facebook. I can easily see this drug being used by secretive government agencies.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It already has. Google Chip Tatem's interview.