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Dr Paul it is time to make the call If Mitt Romneys tax return will ruin GOP chances he must step down!

He will have to release his info.... And not right before the general election which would throw the GOP under the bus. Please make this call on behalf of all republicans!!

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We need to demand Mitt to

We need to demand Mitt to show his tax return. Lets put more pressure on Mitt.

We need to call or write to campaign office.

Romney for President, PO Box 149756, Boston, MA 02114-9756

Website: http://www.mittromney.com/contact-us


Phone: 857-288-3500

If you're telling us what Ron Paul should say or do

You don't understand Ron Paul, his message, his methods and you need to study Ron Paul, not the comments about Ron Paul, but read Ron Paul's books.

Ron Paul is far ahead of his time.

Ron Paul is so brave and wise, by comparison to the many who don't READ his books, don't follow him, but are cowards, they won't do what Ron Paul says, rather they try to FORCE Ron paul to do things their way, fluff with threats of destruction, and tell us how evil everything is.. this is the group of bitter losers who hide behind Ron Paul, like body snatchers, vampires, vultures. They don't get it, they don't want to get it, they want to dish it, and what they dish reflects their anger, confusion, fears and faults.

And then there's the theives who steal Ron Paul's ideas, and name, and makes excuses to do what Ron Paul does not do.

Ron Paul has told us what to do and why, and he's got his ways, and if they are not your ways, you don't get Ron Paul.

It's not Ron Paul's job to give advice to Mittens.

Mitt, et al, has bulldozed over the Ron Paul campaign all year, leave him up to his own demise. He's doing just fine at it! In a campaign where it was estimated that just about anybody could beat Obama, the RNC instisted on the one guy who might really stumble before the finish line. They really don't care, just leave the Federal Reserve alone. An abundance of money soothes a lot of aches and pain.

alan laney

I'm past the point of me thinking I should tell RP

what he needs to do. For better or for worse...I'm standing behind the decisions that President Paul makes until he gives me a reason to change my stand. I can't see any way that I change that decison until at least the end of August but hopefully when I hear him speak on Sunday the 26th...I will feel comfortable continuing to stand behind him. As I have said before...considering all I now know...I don't see me "following" anyone after RP. If my next President or leader is not Dr. Paul...it's anarchy for me baby! :) Anarchy - Without Rulers.

I think your

not alone.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

That's why I said without rulers...not without leaders.

and I didn't say anything about no laws or lawlessness.

Romney is caught between a rock and a hard place.

If he does not release his tax returns he loses.
On the other hand if he releases them he may go to jail for fraud and tax evasion.
The loss to him is a minor thing compared to jail.

Mitt, you need to take one for the team

Romney needs to recognize he can't win this and should step down at the convention. Let the delegates choose a candidate who can win.

Romney can win

These elections are rigged by area councils and why both parties look the same.