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I miss the honey bees!

As I was walking through my garden today, I became very conscious of the fact there are no honey bees around anymore. Even the other types of pollinating insects are starting to disappear. Most are attributing this to genetics which are created seeds by man. My question is what can we do to fix this world wide problem? In France they have banned these GMO's and the bees are starting to come back.

Any ideas from the DP people?

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They are all over at my place

I have so many bees, and a variety of bees, it's crazy.

I have a friend who is a bee keeper and I asked her, "Are bees attracted to some people more than others?" She responded, YES!

I told her, I have a problem with bees. Seems bees like me, my yard was a carpet of bees, God knows how many I killed mowing the lawn. I've had to remove swarms where they are about to begin a hive.

My friend told me if I ever have a serious problem, such as a hive developing in a building to call her. I think what I need to do though is start beekeeping as a form of control.

There are no shortage of bees here. I hope some of mine are vibing this post and come to your place.

Learn how to

keep bees. It's frustrating because you can't fence in bees like you can cows, and bees have a bad habit of swarming no matter what you do, but learning to do something new and valuable is a good thing.