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you seem to be quite full of

you seem to be quite full of hate yourself, anothernobody.

Right... its those evil gay

Right... its those evil gay people who want... you know... equal rights who are hateful.

The man has the right to serve who he wants. Rom Emanuel does "not" have the right to use the force of government to block this dipshit from spreading his toxic garbage to any who are willing to eat there.

Are some gays collectivist assholes who try to cram their views down your throat through force of government? Or get special rights you don't have? Sure.

That said: People can be as pissed and vocal as they like about this bigot. I think he's a piece of human garbage and I hope he goes out of business. The market however should be the final arbitor. I think anyone who wants to use their insipid mythology to bar equal rights and protection of law from another human who has not violated anyone else's rights is a collectivist scum bag and is, him/herself the one committing the crime when they try to put their primitive belief-system into legislative action. The utter hypocracy of those who believe in a free Republic and want to ban gay marriage at a legislative level is utterly amazing and makes the mind-boggling oxymoron of people who hold diametrically opposed views at the same time stand out vividly.

You think Christianity is under attack!? The human race has been under attack since the virus of religeon was first introduced into our brains by the first primitive humans who looked up at the moon, wondered what it was, and then listened to the asshole know-it-all who made up some BS story to explain what he didn't know.

Humans will never be free of collectivism until we are free of it on all levels. Humans will never stop believing in absolute nosensical BS from government until we stop molding our children to accept it spiritually from birth.

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very well stated Magwan

. Chic-fil-a can do what it wants, and so can its detractors in a free, peaceable opposition. I think some of the push back may be resentment that the authoritarian Left is pushing down so hard on Chick's free speech. Just a guess. No comment needed on the stupidity of anti-gay collectivism.
If only both sides could trust peaceful humans to sort out their differences.

No doubt. But thats how

No doubt. But thats how modern politics works. They make a "left" issue so outrageous, that it draws out the extremest "right." All you hear is the totalitarians deciding which form of statism is better. anti-human communism, or racial hate-charged facism.

Same with the executive office. They put a communiest up who is so dispicable, that people will elect a facist because anyone's better than the commie. Then in 4/8 years.. you reelect another communist. Back and forth, back and forth.

And by the way. @#$% traditional marriage. Its a falicy. We have game-shows on TV where contestants compete for who gets to marry the prostitute-prize at the end. Divorce rates in this country are ridiculous, and statistically IDENTICAL between christian couples and non-chrisitan couples. We have tons of single parents. We have a broke-ass nuclear family which was never a very good idea in the first place, and Christians are worried about Gay people getting married?

Doesn't even appear in the top 10 in the bible. 3 meager referances in the entire book, and its what they focus on as though its the issue Jesus got nailed up for. ridiculous.

Im an athiest, and my wife moved in with me the first day we met. We didn't get married for ten years, have two beautiful girls and will NEVER get divorced. However we are nothing like what Christians would call a "Traditional Marriage" and never will be, I'd put my marriage up against any of those "traditional marriages" out there and guarantee we're a hell of a lot happier.

Also, this garbage about "Marriage is between a man and a woman." So what? The Constitution says all MEN were created equal. Does that mean we should deny women rights? Get with the times. Its not helping the human race to hold onto primitive collectivist control-freak views. Libertarianism is the only way to go, and no man may have two masters. You're either into freedom, or your not.

You know you wonder why most gays are Democrats. Who would want to be a Republican when most of the religeous nut-jobs in the party think you are a second class citizen and should be denied equal rights? Oh, but you can have a civil union... which is mostly the same thing. Here, you can drink out of that water fountain, but not this one that the rest of us use.

What happened to "Judge not lest ye be judged yourself?" God's a big boy, and if you're convniced he hates those gay people HE created... im sure he can shovel them all into the fires of hell all on his own without you having to be a collectivist dipshit and use government as a club to deny them rights here on earth.

The Constitution guarantees the right of contract to everyone. You want to have marriage without those pesky gay people being allowed in? Get government out of marriage. It should never have been involved anyway. Let churches decide who they want to marry. They can huddle into their little frightened circles and cry about how all those derned colored folks and gays are takin over the world on their own time. If the government's doing it... it needs to be equal for everyone.

All the communists are attacking Chick Fil'A.

Even Condoleeza Rice is attacking Chick Fil'A.

Who said nothing really at all.

What is wrong with that whacko?

Does she care about having God in her life at all, or is that all made up nonsense so she's in like flynn with the Pharisees?

Rice is a communist and so is William Ayers.

Slightly different topic here:

I received an email with a YouTube video attached...it was of a Texaco station in LA that is owned and run by a foreigner...and when a US soldier in uniform stopped to buy gas and a slurpee, the man behind the counter told the soldier, "we don't serve your kind here".
A huge demonstration of protesters soon converged outside the Texaco and up and down the road with signs. The man filming this debacle continually referred to the propriator as a "raghead" and how wonderful the US military is, trying to bring peace and democracy to those ingrateful people, then they come here....blah-blah-blah.
The guy behind the counter *probably* lost family back home to the bombs of the US military and rightfully feels the way he does. Can he refuse service to anyone in his own establishment? SURE!! Are the Amerikan people stupid enough to not ask why he's upset at the sight of a soldier in uniform? SURE!!! The sad truth of the matter is that the 99% are all sheep and willingly go along with whatever is popular without asking why. This is the blind conformity that the Elites have sought all these years, using public education, media and the church to brainwash the people into never-questioning conformity.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Ask yourself the motives...

Why are they now attacking Chick Fil'A so much, to the point even Romney keeps commenting on it?


What do communists gain by attacking a national restaurant chain which is standing up for recognizing God?

Do they know how godless this country has gotten? Do they care about what judgment is in store for them?

I slitghtly disagree.......

I think the owner of the store was not within his right to not serve the soldier... This is one issue I disagree with Dr. Paul on (ok let the bashing begin because if I don't agree with Dr. Paul on everything...I will be banished from the site...lol.) I think if a store is open to the public "it is open to the public" period...and people should be served. Can an establishment create certain rules - of course...shoes & shirt required, you can't use the rest room unless you are a patron, etc. I would even agree with restaurants excluding small children during certain hours so adults can have a romantic dinner with no crying babies.... But I do not agree with not serving another human being because of their skin color, occupation, outwardly gayness, or other things like that. I agree we should all be more aware of other people's perspective....and yes I am against wars of aggression for oil and our crazy foreign policy... But after 911 I went out of my way to keep Islamic people working in this country separate from the extremists...and not assume every man that is middle-eastern a terrorist. This store owner could have offered the same to this soldier....

All this being said...I wouldn't join a protest movement against the store owner....that is just stupid....

Governments have no right

to define marriage.
If gays can find a church to marry them, then they are married.

Government shouldn't recognize anybodys marriage at all.

Yes you are right

Government should have no place in the church.


Marriage is a vow between two people. I so NO reason government needs to demand it has it's blessing on a relationship. Screw the government marriage. Ok....if the government needs some sort of cohabitation certificate....fine...call them ALL civil unions in the eyes of government....keep marriage sacred and between two people and keep the state OUT. Gay..Strait...I don't care...

And - I agree the liberal "special rights" people are out of control...and they do exercise "hate" when condemning someone for speaking their mind... The owner of Chic-fil-a should not be bashed because of his opinion...and CERTAINLY no slimy government official (like Rom Emanuel) has the right to discriminate on behalf of all the citizens of Chicago! If people don't want to eat there...fine...but it is NOT governments role to be the gay police. Besides...the owner of Chic-fil-a did not say he was going to turn obviously looking gay people away and not serve them...so who is the real hater here????

Abolish Family Law

... and abolish marriage licenses.

Family Wreckage is a commie tactic to usurp nations.

the message being sent is this...

In a free society, bullies have a right to harass, intimidate, cajole others into agreement with them. However, third party perspective may unmask these people for what they really are. So, rage on. Because, in my opinion, having a belief is better than doing the "hip and trendy" thing of the day.


Because belief in civil liberties and equality is "trendy"

many comments

on various news sites are in support of the CEO having the right to his opinion. many do not agree with his opinion but support his right to speak it none-the-less.

the MSM, liberals, et al do NOT represent the average American.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

whole issue is insane..

attack on free speech.. and then the fact the government would want to step in is insane..... if you own a business are you not supposed to make your views known when they differ from the mayor's, president's or whoevers. People offended don't have to eat there, but they'd be hard pressed to find any fast food chain where their beliefs are the exact same as the owners.

We've become so politically correct its absurd. Everything is called racist or bigotry. Criticize obama, its cuz hes black...couldn't possibly because he is a tyrant. Criticize the Israeli government, your an anti-semite ...as if the actions of any government could possibly refleect the views of an entire population. Want to stop illegals from voting... racial suppresion. Dont think catholics should have to provide birth control..your raging war on women...... ahhh good grief, people shouldnt have to walk on egg shells in fear of being called racist.

Ad hominem is the last defense for the indefensible.

(I THINK that's how it goes...)

Gay marriage - coming soon to a church near you !

So deal with it.

It's a civil rights issue whether you like it or not!

Save me the lecture on the right to discriminate personally or freedom of association because it does not apply here. Churches are institutions and institutional discrimination is prohibited by law.

Bigots will fail in their attempt to protect negative discrimination behind church walls!

Equal rights and equal justice under the law will prevail. Defense of Marriage Acts are unconstitutional!

Why are you talking discrimination?

There was no discrimination on his part. He never said he wouldn't serve or even hire a homosexual. He merely stated his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. You are a perfect example of what I am talking about. You are the one who is against free speech. You are the one who supports POLITICALLY CORRECT speech. You are the one who discriminates by saying that the "Church" has no rights and this man cannot speak his mind without fear of reprisal.

You hear "separation of church and state" constantly from the liberal left but they don't believe that for one moment. They want government control of religious teaching and that is what you support with your comments. They want to quiet any opposition to their agenda be it from the religious right or just sensible people in general.

But the fact is that the constitution never says "separation of church and state" what it says is that government cannot pass any law creating a state church or that abridges the right of people to practice their religion. And by trying to force and unholy same sex marriage they are defying that amendment. Actually they did that when they took the act of marriage from the church and made it a responsibility of the state. And they are in fact trying to force a change in the church and the holy institutions that are prescribed therein. Just as the liberal left has done for centuries.

Where does your forced association end? Where does your government coercion stop? And what the heck is "negative discrimination"? Is that like reverse racism or homophobia or people of color? Sounds like more made up liberal buzz words and propaganda to me.

At my church

you have to sign-up for a "pre-marital class" to be married. They do this to make sure the wedding will last. Being married at a church is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT! WHY DO YOU CARE ANYWAY? YOU WANT "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" BURGER KING STYLE RELIGION? START YOUR OWN. by your own faulty logic, lets accuse the AA of discrimination against drinkers!

Label Jars, Not People!


One doesn't have the right to march up to someone's property and demand a service agianst the occupants wishes. Weather gay, straight or lesbian, black or white rich or poor.

To me forcing people to adopt your definition of morality via the violence of the state is no better than bigotry. Such state enforced "equal rights" are antithetical to liberty.

If that's a fight the fed's wants they can have it, it'll just wake more people up to the need for the only real rights. Individual rights the right to live your life as you please and not be forced to do anything beside not harming others. Bring it on it'd only strengthen this movement for freedom.

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Nice try, but the only right being infringed is your assumed

right to alter the definition of "marriage", which of course, you have no right to, except in your own mind.

Undo what Wilson did

No need...

for the government to be involved in marriage. Remove all tax benefits for marriage. Why should a person that doesn't WANT to get married have to pay a higher tax burden? That policy is collectivist.

As for church's recognizing same-sex marriage, that should be up to the church and the congregation. To force a church to do this through law is a violation of the separation of church and state. At that time, the liberties of the church patrons would be infringed upon.

Maybe everyone should quit trying to get special benefits and forcing people to comply through the use of law.

Gay people are church patrons......

so you are discriminating against your own congregation.

The separation of church and state was not established to allow churches to break the law. It was done to protect the right to worship and prevent the government from taxing churches out of existence. It was also done to prevent the church from having influence over politicians which would lead to tyrannical legistlation like the Defense of Marriage Act.

I do agree that government should not be involved at all in marriage, but until that day nobody should be denied the right to marry by church or state.


We have pastors and some who USED TO BE but have now changed their mind and give very compelling reasons about why they are no longer...

Label Jars, Not People!

Even as a gay marriage supporter and agnostic

I agree with the Chic-fil-A president. After all, religious people DO restrain themselves better than these godless Leviathans on top. They worked to kept us free when this country was still in its prime.

Agnostics can be moral, too though. They know not to hurt anyone else in any way or infringe on their rights because they have a conscience and there is a society out there that WILL make sure to punish them if they DID hurt anyone else. I know I also completely respect the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Ron Paul, and HATE the Establishment and all its synchophants and am willing to fight against it.

Most of all, the Chic-fil-A president has the right to express himself and to follow any religion he wishes, like we all do, and i completely respect that right and all others. Just dont let government get involved in marriage at all, and dont discriminate against homosexuals, and I'm okay.

As a gay marriage supporter...

I personally will never frequent chic-fil-a again. Not so much because of their opinion, but rather they're known for giving to anti gay charities and programs. Having an opinion is one thing but I refuse to have even one cent of my money to go towards a company that fuels an agenda I deem bigoted. And before anyone says something - No, I dont agree with those mayors banning stores from opening in their cities. Why need government force when consumers can dictate what they want? Free market, baby.


I support their right to say what they want and do what they want, just as I would support a business owner's right to say the same sort of thing about christianity, etc. At the same time, I have the right to spend my money elsewhere.

In a similar vein, there's an rv park in gallup, nm, whose owner distributes lists of american vs. non-american owned businesses in the area and I've been told, though haven't verified, that he goes so far as to say if you're here to do business with one of the foreign owned places, you're not welcome here. Again, that's hearsay. I have seen the list but never spoken with him personally. Anyway, I support his right to do it even though I do business with places on his "bad" list.

My personal opinion on the gay marriage issue is that we need to separate marriage by the state and marriage by the church, and do away with tax benefits for married couples. And, that the gay marriage issue is simply a case of gender discrimination (and fear by some that it'll be forced upon their church, but a distinction between church and state marriages would resolve that part and let churches and their congregations decide for themselves). If two people of same sex want to get married, they can do so if one of them has gender reassignment surgery. Why should one have to have surgery to get married? They are the same two people.

Good luck

supporting factory farming and big agra.

Hope you don't get sick by frequenting it.

If I were mayor, I'd try to block it as well based solely on the quality of food they push.......

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I get what you are saying

about factory farming and big agra and I will try not to get sick. Thanks

But I hope your last statement wasn't meant to be taken seriously. You know that's not the mayors job.