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Audit the Fed passed the house, now what?

Reid is saying that he won't allow it to even come to a vote. We are doing what we can to convince him otherwise. But what is the timeline on this process? Is there a time limit? I have also read that Rand will try to attach this as an amendment to other legislation. Is there any chance that would work?

If you have any idea what will happen next, please advise.


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The Senate version of the bill

is S. 202.

Right now, it is stuck in the Senate Banking Committee. A bill must pass the committee first before it heads to the Senate floor.

Putting pressure on Harry Reid is good but the real target should be Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. He's the one who decides if S. 202 will be debated on in his committee.

There are a couple other ways Rand can get the Senate to vote on his bill.

1. Rand can try to attach it as an amendment to other bills but that is very difficult as Harry Reid controls who gets to offer amendments.

2. Rand can get Senators to sign a discharge petition to force the Senate to vote on his bill. This is RARELY done but he's gotten enough signatures to force a vote on his bill to end aid to Pakistan. I would hope he would do the same for this bill.

If S. 202 is not voted on and signed into law by the end of the year, everything will have to restart in the new Congress beginning in 2013 (meaning we will have to pass another House bill in 2013 or 2014).