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Adam Kokesh on the James Holmes shooting conspiracy

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Take a look folks, this is how a rational response to the Colorado shooting looks like.

Nice job Adam, wish you didn't label the awakening of people as a truth conspiracy but oh well, no one is perfect.

Typical Kokesh.

Anything to stay relevant - gotta get traffic clicking ads on his website somehow..

Who really cares what Adam has to say about this?


" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I disagree with Adam mostly on one issue...

I am a graduate student, and I receive $30K/year. This is not 'elite' as he would like to put it. As well, my tuition is paid.

This was the suspect's first year in the graduate program, if I remember accurately from the reports. Supposedly, his pay was $26K/year. That puts it about $2000 dollars per month. The rent for a one bedroom apartment in Aurora, CO is $500-$1500:


This leaves the suspect with the same range ($500-1500) of money per month to live. I assume the heating bill is not cheap through a Colorado winter. So, I would guess the average electric bill to be another $200-400 depending on the electricity rates in the area.

So, now the suspect is left with $100-1300 per month. He hasn't eaten yet though. When in graduate school, it is typically not convenient to get too far from the school during lunch. So, I imagine he spent between $10-30 per day on food. Let's say he eats Ramen on the weekends. For 20 days, that puts $200-600 per month on food.

Now, the suspect has -$500 (in the hole) to $1000 per month left. He still hasn't paid for transportation, the gas bill, the water bill, any hobbies he may have had.

So, he had - splitting the difference - ~$500 per month left BEFORE any non-essential wants were met. I also never included toiletries and other necessary items. As well, one picture showed him with a female. Women aren't so cheap either.

I would put any actual savings at less than $300/month. So, over the course of a year, he may have saved ~$3500 realistically given his pay and necessary expenditures.

I don't think he could have afforded all those things on his graduate student wages.

Why do we assume that we know

Why do we assume that we know all of his sources of income and what his savings is (or was)? I find it harder to believe that he wouldn't be able to sock away $7000 if he were so determined.

Kokesh needs to grow a brain.

Strawman argument after strawman.

yup, he's making assumptions... about assumptions made about

other assumptions.

Adam's already assuming the MSM & govt narrative are the correct ones to begin with; his primary reference point is the assumption that most of what he's hearing from govt and MSM, are NOT lies.

Now, one does not have to automatically assume everything corporatists/MSM & govt assert as lies. That said, since when do media enablers for murderers, torturers and rapist have any credibility?

After all, publicly accrued credibility is any third party's ONLY legitimate 'currency' to others, out in the real world. Since in life, other than those within one's own personal circles, that's the only criteria in which one can only, truly judge others by.

So really, assuming the likes of Govt and MSM to have much more credibility than the likes of AJ's InfoWars, and other truly alternative media, at this juncture in history, is utterly laughable.

That, is what is so F'ng tragically hilarious, that Adam would dismiss the legitimate questions of Ben, as if what he's heard from MSM and govt, is the gospel truth to begin with.

It's like, we ALL KNOW how corrupt and propagandistic MSM corporatists and govt are. Yet, whatever the tragedy, citing non-MSM as a source of info, is automatically derided, along with scrutinizing govt narrative after a tragedy, all as 'conspiracy mongering.'

Like, got irony much Mr. AnCap?

The oft, utter laughable level of deductive reasoning put out by even those whom otherwise I'd consider to be rather enlightened and intelligent, is mind boggling.

Sure, what Adam says about how Holmes may have used the annual govt stipend from the grant to buy his arsenal is probable, but there's no proof to that effect, IF Adam wants to be consistent about what are plausible questions to raise, and based on what logic one 'should' deploy in questioning these things.

If so, then whyTF does Adam think it's "logical" to assume that to be the case, when he himself is also assuming Ben merely raising those questions, to be essentially irrelevant?

I don't know WTF is going on with this kid, lately, but whatever it is that he keeps buying from Silk Road, he better find another buyer, or cleanse his system of the last batch he's inhaled or injected, or both, 'cause he's losing his deductive reasoning skills, very publicly.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

1. ATF and FBI were on the

1. ATF and FBI were on the scene immediatly even though the jurisdiction is a local issue
2. The judge sealed the records
3. Robert Holmes, James' dad was about to testify on a major financial banking fraud scam
4. The $26K Holmes received was given to him over a period of 12 months in monthly stipends. He had rent payments of about $500 a month. He had to pay for food and books.
5. James Holmes looked like he was on drugs in the court case
6. James Holmes told police about the booby traps after he spent a long time putting it together to kill people
7. The current pictures of James Holmes look nothing like the previously circulated James Holmes pictures. His nose and his eyes are different.
8. James Holmes has DARPA connections.
9. The judge will no longer allow recordings of the court case.
10. The FBI is running the case even though this is a local issue.

There is more to this than meets the eye.

Where did you get #4?

Because everyone in professional school gets a lump sum of up to $8000 a semester and my PhD student friends got a lump sum for their stipends. My one friend immediately bought a BMW convertible with his first check.

Books? LOL. How long have you been out of school? And he wouldn't have to buy them anyway. They are part of the PhD package.

And if it is true that Holmes was out of control in custody the authorities can legally sedate him. Being intoxicated after being in custody does not give any indication of his mental state before he was arrested.

Why is it that relevant

Why is it that relevant issues like this don't make it into the conspiracy theorist's consideration? Too difficult to explain away?

Kokesh is correct. Ill stand

Kokesh is correct. Ill stand by what I have already said about this Swann report. He really missed on this piece of so called Journalism.

I love Kokesh's approach to this. I am in sync with him here.

I think it is very plausible that Holmes acted alone, though I will not entirely rule out a conspiracy theory if someone can come up with some hard evidence beyond wild speculation. I described a possible alternative hypothesis of what happened that does not involve and MK-Ultra conspiracy in another post and I think it is worth reposting...

"Crazy people are often fascinated by the human brain and neuroscience. There are lots of serial killers who thoroughly researched the human brain (like Jeffrey Dahmer who did amateur experiments). There is a very high rate of doctors compared to the general population of committing bizarre and heinous crimes. (Part of the reason doctors have committed some of the worst crimes in history is because they can use their intelligence and prestige to get away with more sophisticated crimes, but there is a link between insanity and fascination with medicine.) It is a stereotype in medicine that the craziest doctors end up being psychiatrists.

There is also a correlation between drug use and insanity. This is not because drugs make you crazy, but because of the natural interest in the brain. Insane people are often fascinated with altering their own consciousness. I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. Pyschotropic use does not mean you are crazy or make you crazy! It is just a correlation. It is not any different than a correlation between insanity and sex addiction, in my opinion.

I study medicine and I am fascinated by neuroscience and I openly promote experimentation with psychotropics. (Some people probably think I am crazy, but fuck them.) Here is what I think happened based on my life experiences...

There is no glory in medicine, and there is definitely no glory in medical research. It is very tedious and very boring. No one cares about anything you do accept maybe your supervising professor and a colleague friend. If James Holmes was a psychopath with a grandiose ego, I could imagine graduate school driving him nuts, so to speak. Neuroscience is very difficult to learn, but not particularly mentally challenging. This enzyme does this, this neural pathway controls this, and so on. Tedious. Boring. Unpractical for almost everything. It is a terrible field for someone who wants fame. I imagine it would be a huge downer to receive a prestigious grant and then waste away in the laboratory doing tedious work. (In fact this is why I study dentistry instead of neuroscience.)

Now think about this. The most notorious people in our society are killers. People study their behavior and their brains and their "accomplishments" for generations. They live in infamy. During the trial they are the center of attention for the entire country. Many lunatics in the United States basked under the notorious spotlight (like Charles Guiteau).

I think he was bored, mentally disturbed, and intelligent. He would have taken college level inorganic chemistry as a prerequisite for his PhD program. This would have given him an adequate background with the right literature. He could have acquired the materials easily. The internet is loaded with instructions for how to manufacture explosives. He had plenty of money to buy the materials. My friend got his stipend for a PhD and bought like a $12,000 convertable with plenty of money to spare. Plus Holmes could have had side jobs like tutoring or selling drugs. I use to make $15-30 an hour under the table tutoring as a graduate student. He could have made thousands in a very short period selling different drugs. The money was there. The intelligence was there. I think he did it on his own."

What does not Fit

Is the fact that there were bloody footprints from the emergency door to approximately 30 ft. away and then stopped. That suggest that someone was picked up in a car. And also why was the gas mask found approximately 150 ft. away from the same back door suggesting that it was thrown there by someone escaping. That seems like a more appropriate senario and "fits"!

What does not fit is that Holmes was found approximately 1 1/2 mins. after the shooting sitting in his car which was parked outside the exit door.

Where are the surveillance camera footage. This smacks as the same as what happened at the Pentagon and we have yet to see any footage from those cameras, yet, we know there were plenty of cameras there.

This is a continued stratigy of tension and fear. What was Holmes motivation? There does not appear any and that is why they are painting him as insane.

Why did Holmes decide to back out of the Ph.D program? Did he earn that there were unethical motives for the program that he did not want to be part of? Who really knows.

Weren't the bloody footprints

found 30 something feet outside of the back door leading INTO the building though. And it was based off of the blood splatter "tailing" the footprints in a manner that indicated it was heading towards rather than away from the door?


Sorry but this is a mess, the

Sorry but this is a mess, the bloody foot prints on the sidewalk are of the victims who were carried and stumbled out the back door until police cars came and picked them up and took them to the hospital. The gas mask? Was near the car where the shooter probably took all his gear off.

You are really asking for surveillance footage on a case that has multiple gag orders put on it by the judge. If there is footage you won’t be seeing that as it is evidence to the case.

So far his motivation has not been determined expect for that he didn’t pass his annual exam for the program to stay in the program. Also some other professors in his previous educational background have said he wasn’t as much of a genius as he was made out to be, or anywhere near his father. The pressure to succeed is something that could have built on a person who was always expected to be a genius in everyone’s eyes.

gas mask is photographed at the end of the building, just beyond

the last security camera. No where near Holmes' car.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

you obviously haven't seen the blood trail photo


im guessing it ended at the closest parking spot they found

We can't assume anything from

We can't assume anything from that image alone.

or what MSM and govt narrative assert,

for that matter.

ALL we are dealing with, ARE assumptions, regardless of whether it IS, or is not another case of false flag.

I always find it hilarious when 'one of our own' assumes it's okay to assume what govt and MSM puts out to be 'true,' but not when questions are raised about the MSM & Govt's narrative, from regular Joe citizen.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul