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Google: "We Failed To Delete All Streetview Data"

Google: "We Failed To Delete All Streetview Data"

'Human error' prevented Google from deleting all the data it collected from Streetview snooping, the search giant has admitted.

By Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor2:34PM BST 27 Jul 20127

Despite repeated assurances in public and to the Information Commissioner, Google has admitted that it did not in fact delete all the data, which could include passwords and emails, collected over open WiFi networks by its Streetview mapping cars in 2010 in a number of countries around the world.

The news means that Britain’s recently reopened investigation into the so-called WiFi snooping could be bolstered by an opportunity to re-examine evidence that the ICO had asked to be destroyed. The ICO has demanded to examine the data “immediately” to look for evidence that it is in fact more extensive than Google had originally claimed, as authorities in America had discovered for data collected there.

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