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Are you a hypocrite ?

Of course none of us are but consider this.....

How many people are outraged by the notion of Russia setting up a military base in Cuba,


Yet support our military with bases around the globe even as close as Afganistan and the Eastern Block.


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World Peace I

Another of my fantasies is when Dr. Paul is inaugurated and pulls all the troops home, he declares World Peace One and the world celebrates.

Freedom is my Worship Word!


If they wish to weaken their national defense by building bases overseas. That is their business. Since 99 per cent of their elite live in Moscow I am sure the rest of their country will be happy to hear this ;)

Russia will be a non-player in 20 years or so anyway. Half of them will probably drink themselves to death. Without dictatorship rule in Russia they are nothing because they have little self control as the Chinese. ie. materialists
Russia needs either a monarchy or communism.

Russians are mostly Asians now anyway imo.

Btw, Seychelles does look like a nice place to visit.


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I'm not

AND you can take it to the Bank - like that counts for anything - that this will indeed be floated to get us into full-on WWIII, in my opinion.

Susie 4 Liberty