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Make Guns Illegal?

I have been watching AMC's Breaking Bad on Netflix over the last few weeks. Lazy summer days. But I am fascinating by the world we create by making something illegal. It got me thinking about the effects of making guns illegal. Some things that I thought of would be..

#1). Law enforcement would no longer be able to track the sell of weapons as they are now. Think about it, if gun buying/producing is pushed completely underground, then gun tracking will almost be impossible. Today, now that they're legal and tracked - it does make it easier to prosecute criminals when they DO commit violence with a gun.

#2). The inability to purchase your own weapon, will put incredible pressure on local law enforcement to stop crimes, BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. And anytime law enforcement tries to stop crimes before they happen they typically must violate liberties in order to do so. This will only enhance the move toward a police state and encourage even more government takeover, while at the same time individual citizens would be unable to protect themselves and their property.

#3). The underground price for guns would skyrocket as a result of the risks associated, and become much more dangerous and expensive to get. The potential for so much money would motivate serious underground gun producers to undertake extremely aggressive protection measures and operations. This is to say that you might start to see gangs with guns in an open war against local law enforcement, like you do in Mexico. Risk and Scarcity help largely determine price. The higher the price, the more risk they'll take to secure the product for their clients. Especially in a down economy, this is a very dangerous aspect that is very possible in America.

My thinking is that a group of individuals seeking guns will be much more dangerous than drug seeking individuals. They'll probably be financially and mentally more stable and ultimately more justified in using force to "defend themselves" and their livelihood. I welcome all thoughts, opinions and up votes. Just something I've been thinking about.

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We Probably Wouldn't Have Much To Worry About Since

Many Of Us May Be Hunted Down And Eliminated. Many would say, "Come And Take It, From My Cold Dead Hands."

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

#4 More businesses closing their doors

and TONS of lost tax revenue.

One good thing is we would

One good thing is we would not have "gun free zones" anymore.