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10 days before Victory - Ron Paul endorses our RP delegate now favorite to win Kerry Bentivolio

For MI-11 US House Rep. Many of you have already liked his facebook page, and as Ron asks... Donate! (I just gave $25)

Ron Paul endorses Kerry Bentivolio!

Sure, our nation is nearly $16 TRILLION in debt. Sure, new assaults on our liberties pop up on a weekly basis.

Sure, politicians in Washington, D.C. have lost their way and refuse to take their oaths of office seriously.

I certainly don’t want to sound dismissive of any of those very real and serious problems. But today I’m more optimistic than ever.

That’s ...because our R3VOLUTION is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, I have another wonderful liberty candidate to tell you about -- Kerry Bentivolio, who is running in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.

I’m endorsing Kerry Bentivolio because he’ll help lead the fight in the U.S. House to restore individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government in America.

So can I count on you to help Kerry Bentivolio get to Congress by making a generous donation to his campaign?

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed you did.

Kerry Bentivolio will fight to overturn the gross violation of our liberties in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) -- which allows the government to detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without so much as a warrant.

He’ll also continue our fight to Audit -- and then END -- the out-of-control Federal Reserve.

He’s committed to restoring a pro-America, common-sense foreign policy.

And Kerry has pledged to help put an end to the abusive pat downs and the gropings taking place daily at our nation’s airports by ending the TSA once and for all.

When recently asked to state his stand on the issues, Kerry responded, “I stand for the Constitution every single time. No exceptions and no excuses.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I hope you agree we need more men and women in Washington who will take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution seriously.

But if Kerry Bentivolio is going to get to Washington to fight for our liberties, he’s going to need your help.

The political establishment is going all-out to defeat him with a tax-hiking write-in candidate in the August 6 GOP Primary!

This race is going to be very close.

So please make the most generous contribution you can possibly afford to help Kerry Bentivolio fight back against the political establishment.

Your generous contribution will help Kerry pay for mailings, phone calls, emails, and internet, TV, and radio ads to get his message out to as many voters as possible.

Help Michigan send another liberty-minded congressman to Washington by making a generous donation to Kerry Bentivolio’s campaign immediately.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. Michigan congressional candidate Kerry Bentivolio needs your help getting to Washington so he can help lead the fight for liberty in the U.S. House.

So please, make a generous contribution to Kerry Bentivolio’s campaign immediately to help him get his liberty message out to the voters.

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Yes please donate at that link everyone

No amount is too small of course, nor too big.

With just 10 days now til this very important primary, that will decide the next congressman in this republican district. Our liberty guy is the only one on the ballot as well, his opponent is a write-in, supported by all of the local establishment leaders, so this race is ours to lose and is also one of the best opportunities to get another liberty candidate into congress.

I'm sure on August 7th, this will be front page news here at the Daily Paul, but it should be front page news before then to pull our people together now to donate at minimum $5, $10, $20, whatever to ensure Kerry Bentivolio has the funds needed to win this outright.

Thank you to all that have voted this thread up and have donated yet not posted just yet.

Growing the Revolution one candidate victory at a time! 2012

My donation....

Date: 7/27/2012
Amount: $25.00
To: Kerry Bentivolio for US Congress