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The Democrats Protect The 1% (Let's Get This Trending As A Facebook Status!)

The Democrats Protect the 1%

This is just ridiculous, the bill to audit the federal reserve had all but 1 of the votes against it come from Democrats. Just proving that they are turncoats bent on protecting the richest of the rich. Also democratic senate majority leader Harry Reid has made it clear he will do everything he can to stop the legislation from coming to a vote in the senate even after passing the house overwhelmingly. And even after he had supposedly been calling for audits of the federal reserve since 1987! quite a convenient time to for these supposed defenders of "the little guy" to change sides and show their true colors

Eight turn against it on the floor of the house

Ben Swann reporting on Harry Reid's hypocrisy

Full Video of Harry Reid expressing support for an audit of the federal reserve in the senate in 1995!

Ron Paul talks on Federal reserve chair Bernake

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Exposing corruption and

Exposing corruption and corporatism and political favors for votes and money is fine, but I don't support the whole 99% vs. 1% nonsense.

I don't support it either

but it is a way to make the other side support us with the audit. It works for me.