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Islamisation of Europe

The more I look into the Islamisation of Europe it makes me think that the US needs to really get our borders in order and watch who is coming into this country. I think Dr. Paul may be too hands off when it comes to radical Islam for me.

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IT's the Welfare system and

IT's the Welfare system and entitlements that attracts all those immigrants to Europe and here passed by the liberals. We need to get rid of it, or at least only have the citizens of the country be able to have it with certain requirements.

Only allow productive people in your country

Stupid Europe didn't do that, instead they allowed worthless people to reside and leach off the country.

Keep this in mind:

"Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil."

Eric Hoffer

This is why people are accepting Islam.

Regardless of their background.
Even Texans!

This is fine, I love happy people persuing their interests

What is not fine is the Islamic Fundamentalits, 7-8% of 1.5 billion. They do not support Western Values and we should distinguish and make it clear that we do not support them and do not look at them as equals.

They advocate violence, the degradation and denial of rights of women and total submission to the state.

This analysis provided by?

Competing religions? A government that hates all religions?

Free includes debt-free!

The Westernization of the Middle East...

is the cause for Islamisation of Europe.

Stop the wars.

There's a plan afoot to demonize Islam

You're either part of it, or you need to do some more research.
I have watched 39 minutes of this debate, I have come to the conclusion that the panel and the world does not understand what the true Islam is.

There are a variety of forms and definitions. But, to address the statement: Islam is a Religion of Peace./?

Surely, what the majority of the world Muslims advocate, which is peace, is the true Islam.

39 minutes? I posted it 17 minutes ago

And the panel is very qualified for this debate, not sure what else you are looking for.

I think most dailypaulers

I think most dailypaulers have come to the same conclusion as I, that being well qualified does not make you right.

We need to look

We need to look at ourselves, what we did to the Islamic world after World War II all the way into current times. Many people need a history lesson, and you're one of them. If anything we need to apologize and make right all the wrongs we did to the Islamic people. How is it our resources got under their sand? That's what it's all about nothing else. They were just getting over that old grudge they had about us, a little thing called the Crusades. You probably been brainwashed by Fox news site it's not your fault. Get educated or get lost!
Get your information from 20 different sources in different countries not just one.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Yes, waaaay too much Hannity going on.

I agree with you. Get information from many different news sources in different countries, not just one or two.

Is there any way to just let this thread die out?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Get more of your information from elsewhere then the

DailyPaul. This isn't propaganda, I don't even have a specific agenda but to draw attention that Western Europe will be majority Muslim within the next few decades. This is a significant shift in our world and our children's world and is significant to the United States interests. If you dont think everything happening in Europe and the Middle East is of US interest, then you are denying reality of the fact of our foreign policy.

The MORE sources I research, the more I realize that the world's lone superpower should be asserting its interests, that is if you want to remain a superpower. Cut the welfarism, end the wars, I am fine with that, but support Christianity, our allies in the Middle East and Western culture.

And let this thread die out for what reason? You'd rather talk about Dr. Paul's non-existent chance at the nomination? Or THE 12 YEAR OLD TASED AT VICTORIA SECRET... Don't get me wrong this is bad, but cmon, press charges against the taser and move on.

Keep learning or get left behind


Part of the orchestrated hate-fest engineered by our Zio nest friends.
For anyone who's seriously interested remember that Islam means peace. Each surah of the Qur'an invokes the sympathy and compassion of God.
Is there violence?
Yes, but stems from
1)people protecting/defending their land from foreign invaders (nothing to do with religion, and ultimately justifiable according to the 'Just War' theory)
2) false flag events - part of the Zio nest plan to start wars, enrich their coffers and enslave the humans.

Check this out
Great stuff.

Fearmongering? The deconstruction of Western Europe

through mass immigration of Muslims is already underway. It's a fact. If you dispute the FACT that the myth of Multiculturalism is leading to the Western Europe being majority Muslim within the next few decades, then you aren't worth debating, because as I have said this is FACT. Once you concede this well documented FACT then we can talk.

Or you can keep your head in the sand.




Let's do some googling

Author Mark Steyn
"It should be perfectly obvious from his last name and the contents of his writings that Mark Steyn is a Jew."

"Melanie Phillips (born 4 June 1951) is a British journalist and author. She started ... She also writes for the Jewish Chronicle and other periodicals"

Joel C. Rosenberg is the New York Times best-selling author of The Last Jihad, ... Mr. Rosenberg is an evangelical Christian from an Orthodox Jewish heritage.

OK buddy. Thanks for the tip.

Haha, why dont you Google the Islamisation of Europe

and read about the first hand accounts of Western Europeans and their discontent with Multiculturalism and Political Correctness that is destroying their culture.

I dont believe that the white race is superior or deserves

special treatment or anything. Why is a white being proud of their race considered racist and hate spewing though?

Im frankly tired of acting as if the self-loathing of the white race is alright. It is not.

The Japanese and South Koreans have specifically rejected Multiculturalism when the UN and NATO began to implement it as a policy in the late 70's and 80's. Are they racist and hate spewing, or are they a people who love their heritage and want to retain their traditions?

It would also be difficult for you to dispute that the white race has built the modern Western Civilization that you live in. We have no problem in sharing though, love thy neighbor :)

the Jews created Multiculturalism

Listen buddy, I'm with you on keeping Europe free from Islamic takeover, but the disease they have, which we have - is Liberalism, the worship of multiculturalism, diversity, and "tolerance," and I'm sorry to say that it was the Jews who infected this nation with that disease. they took over our culture by controlling the media, essentially creating, directing, and herding the sheep. the Muslims do not control our government, finance, foreign policy, education system, etc. you're looking at the wrong target. you are half way there, but still in the dark and a victim of neo-con propaganda. Open your eyes.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.

I disagree

I am not in the dark, I understand all the factors you have listed above have played into this problem in Western Europe. Liberalism is a disease that is destroying the fabric of Western Civilization. I also think you are underestimating the fact that Israel is a very important and strategic ally for the United States and Christianity in the Middle East. Once you do actually read and do the research and come to the conclusion that Islam IS NOT a religion of peace, then you realize that support of Christianity and our allies is important strategically for US interests.

Israel is not a strategic

Israel is not a strategic ally for the United States, just the opposite. they have manipulated us into a subvervient position that has brought nothing but a loss of billions and blood shed in wars fought in their name. they are a total, complete drain on the U.S., have spied on us, given technology to China, the list goes on and on. Islam is on the defensive, we are over there. we need to pull back, get out of all those countries, and close our borders. if you believe otherwise then either you are a zionist or a neo-con and are completely incompatible with Ron Paul's philosophy/politics.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.

Wrong again

Israel is very much a strategic ally to the United States and Christianity. All countries gather intelligence on others, if you deny that Israel is an ally of the United States then you deny reality. I am not advocating for the wars in the Middle East either. I do advocate for the support of Israel and Christianity. I also advocate for Western Europe to reject Multiculturalism and to not allow themselves to be overrun with Muslims within the next few decades.

I also totally disagree with Dr Paul's stance on allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon and I now see he was on the totally incorrect side of the Mosque on Ground Zero issue.

Sorry my friend, the only

Sorry my friend, the only Christians who really love Israel and Zionism is the heretical cult of Dispensationalists that believe in the prophecy of the Jews. problem with this is its at odds with historical Christianity that preaches supercessionism - the Jews lost all claim to a covenant with God when they rejected Christ. I'm not even a Christian and I know this. Christianity has historically been at odds with Judaism, even though technically it grew out of it. "Judeo-Christian" is a fabricated term invented and used in the U.S. so Jews can manipulate gullible Christians. Stop being so afraid of the Muslims/Arabs and realize that the Western world and the indo-European peoples are in such a precarious situation because they've been infected with a virus that has given them liberal values. Israel is a pariah, rogue state that behaves viciously and their leaders are nothing but war-mongers. THEY ARE SALIVATING for an attack on Iran right now, and as long as they have our country to rely on and back them up they will continue to be bullies. they are nothing but tribal supremacists that hypocritically have attacked any form of European nationalism - theirs is the only acceptable form of white "ethnic interests" to be pursued, because if Gentiles do it we are "racist" thanks to the Jewish media/cultural marxist enslavement of the masses. If you think they are the chosen people you are sick in the head. look at the comments above, see who is getting voted up and voted down.

there is no left or right, only system and anti-system.

Unless you're an Indian...

we are ALL products of immigration,here in Amerika. My Mom's parents came over on the boat and did the Ellis Island thing...they came to Amerika because the streets were paved with gold *IF* you fit it and worked hard! THERE is the major difference between their time and the immigrants of today: Becomming American. My grandparents had to learn English before they could get a drivers license. They had to have a sponsor in order to come over...and most importantly, they WANTED to become American!! They changed the way they dressed, shook hands, ate and nearly everything else in order to appear American...that was how you could succeed here. The immigrants of today are leaving thier 3rd-world sesspools for Amerika in order to provide a better life for their families..and that's great!!! The big problem is, they are turning their new home into the 3rd-world sesspool that they escaped from! They don't change their ways, their language, their dress or their manners. Why do I see signs in Spanish when I go to Lowes or Home Depot? Are there signs printed in English when I go to Mexico? Hell no...why do we cow-tout to these people?
The other thing is this...and once again, Ron Paul is right: Stop the free handouts!!! The law is, as I understand it, when Abdul comes to Amerika, he gets $30k in cash, he gets a zero-interest small business loan from the Fed, and he pays no income taxes for 7 years. So, at the end of the 6th year, he brings over his cousin, Abdul...who also gets his $30k in cash, and loan for zero interest, he buys the 7-11 for $5 and then pays no taxes for the next 7 years...and the cycle repeats forever. STOP THE HANDOUTS!!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


by this logic unless I live in Africa I'm an immigrant. My ancestors, our ancestors, have built this greatest nation in the history of Earth, I am no immigrant. I agree with sentiment of the rest of your post though.

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