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Islamisation of Europe

The more I look into the Islamisation of Europe it makes me think that the US needs to really get our borders in order and watch who is coming into this country. I think Dr. Paul may be too hands off when it comes to radical Islam for me.

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Maybe its becoming

Maybe its becoming "Islamisized" because we've been aggressively bombing the shit out of their homeland for at least the past 10 years? Id also consider moving to the closest peaceful place I could find if my family and I wanted to survive. Are they supposed to stay there and become ground meat?

If we do

what we're supposed to do- FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION- the 'threat' of Sharia Law would be laughable/non-existent....So maybe we should just get back to that.

This thread is about the Islamisation of Western Europe

and the eventual threat this is to the United States. The deconstruction of Western Europe and Christian nations by multiculturalists, and basically opening their doors to millions of Muslims who will one day be the majority in major Western European cities is not a good thing for United States. The more research I do the more I realize Dr Paul's foreign policy is too hands off, the US needs to support Israel and Christianity around the world.

"The deconstruction of Western Europe and Christian nations by "

"The deconstruction of Western Europe and Christian nations by multiculturalists".

Have the guts to come out with the true.

This is divide and conquer by the Jew.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

come back and discuss this after reading--



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ok read it,

You can go read the hundreds of these stories a year..


very fuzzy--

always; the kind of confusion that surrounds these sorts of situations, many of which could involve agents--

always casting suspicion--

never finding the cause; the shadowy 'terrorist', who is often an agent--

not always, of course; even those of us who believe that international espionage is behind much 'terrorism' don't think that it is always espionage--

but enough to keep hatred towards Muslims alive and well--

and sympathy for Israel strong--

So *we* both read each others' stories, and we are still where we were--

*moving on*

have a good day--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

America is completely controled by a foreign power, Israel

and you are concerned about radical Islam!

You are living proof of the power of media propaganda. It never occurs to you that radical Islam may happen because we invade thier countries and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children?

Until people like you begin to reason with your own brain and not believe everything you see on FOX NEWS this country will never be free.


...although "completely" is a pretty strong word.

Certainly the Israel lobbies have an inordinate amount of influence.

They certainly control so-called "evangelical" thought though...That's the bigger problem.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I worry more about the Christian extremists in Europe

I worry more about the Christian extremists in Europe. History has shown us how brutal they can be in defence of their faith.

The People's President
Ron Paul R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012

Yeah there are a ton of Christian suicide bombers

who also stone and rape women if they aren't covering their face in public. Islam is a religion of barbarism, its no mistake that adherents of Christianity have built the modern Western world while Islam is still in the stone age.

I fear for Europe too, but

I fear for Europe too, but hopefully the right wing nationalist there can solve it for themselves, look at golden dawn in greece they are working towards making there country a pure greece and i hope the rest of Europe follows suit.
I think doctor Paul is going in the right direction by still protecting the boarders but still letting immigrants in and plus you know he will be cutting there benefits coming in so no more seeing arab's with iPhone. thats the main problem is the benifits we give them when they come in.

Yeah there are a lot of Nazi

Yeah there are a lot of Nazi groups emerging in former East Germany around Berlin, which happens to have a lot of unemployment there as well.

What to worry about

Would be the lawlessness in Mexico. You have a thousand times greater chance of being killed in drug related violence than by an Islamic extremist. Europe has had an ebb & flow of Muslims & Jews for many hundreds of years.

If anything, worry about Mossad & the CIA trying to destroy the few remaining secular Muslim states like Syria and installing the Muslim Brotherhood into power. To me, that seems crazy. Better to deal with the devil you know.

Always makes me

wonder what the REAL Americans (native Americans) Thought of the good Christian white folk that came slaughtered many and took over their country. Christianity keeps claiming it is under attack. It is. From within itself. Talk about radicals and some crazies. I see it daily and they scare me way more than even the ignorant drivel they spew about Muslims.
Many Christians have truly lost their way. Creating monsters and becoming monsters filled with fear, ignorance and hatred.

Where would we be

...without all this Christian white folk colonization?

...or would we be at all?

To Be or not to Be..


You are an islamist/islamist supporter since Islamists not scare

you. you have lost your way. your truth began with faiths like christianity.

You are truly a sick human being. You abide by the islamist principles and their beliefs/gods. You support suicide bombs that kill muslims by other muslims and others on almost a daily basis - and that doesn't scare you. Their black veils and black masks that cover men and women. Muslims never lost their way, they just got deeper into their religion and returned to the times where muhammad beheaded several hundred people.

native americans were not treated that way in the name of christianity, fool and you know that. how do you feel living in this country if you realy have any genuine feelings about the native americans. truth is that you really don't have those genuine felings you write about. but you want to find excuses to demonize christianity in order to heighten islam.

whether you fully realize it, from your posting you are a muslim underneath. your core is probably christian and it is you who have lost your way.


Oh really?

Please inform everyone about property rights in Islamic countries. Let's talk about women's rights in Islamic countries. Inform us of the justice system in the largest and most important Muslim nation in the world, Saudi Arabia. Please, lets compare the monstrous Christians who have created Western Civilization in which everyone wants to live and Muslims and their achievements.


I know Muslims that are more concerned with America remaining a free and prosperous nation more than many " American Christians" They can't believe we are allowing our freedom and Constitution to be taken so easily from us. A true Muslim considers Christians and Jews "of the Book" They are not considered infidels. People would really feel better if they researched Islam somewhere other than propaganda hate sites.


It is clearly evident after many centuries that most of these people are incredibly ignorant and naive. Hundreds and Hundreds of years of massive wars and abuse and they just seem to revel in it or are indifferent to it. ie. Apathy

What they do over there is their business and if they are ok with tens of millions of Muslims over there it is their choice.

Europe is a lost cause and a basket case imo. The corruption over there is off the charts. The people in general seem very weak over there for the most part.


The whole point if you do any research is

They are not okay with it. The majority of Western Europeans see multiculturalism as a failed policy, yet European Marxist leaders continue to push the deconstruction of Western Europe's traditions and Christianity. This deconstruction is also apparent in the forming of the EU, undermining European nationalism.

If you are so concerned

Don't reproduce with Islamic women.

I have had the privilege of

I have had the privilege of traveling to the middle east and to Indonesia (the largest Muslim country in the world.)
The people in both places were nothing but friendly and cheerful. Besides that, they were concerned about normal life, grocery shopping, working to support their families, etc.
If I could find a decent engineering job in either place, I'd move there without much thought.

Muslims are not the enemy.

Just as there are jerk Christians, there are jerk Muslims.

Go worry about foreigners on some other more racist site.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

its kinda funny because the

its kinda funny because the White nationalist are Paul supporters. even if you don't agree with them don't alienate them

You seriously think this guy

You seriously think this guy is one of your fellow WNs? Don't fool yourself. The guy is an Iranophobe and a Zionist. You'd struggle to find many people on Stormfront with the same views as him. He isn't a WN at all...that's like calling Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage WNs, and I bet you that this guy is a huge fan of their rhetoric.

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And somehow its racist that I want to uphold Western values?

But it certainly can't be seen as racist as these people who are moving into Western Europe are not conforming to the customs and traditions of these Christian nations.. If you don't support multiculturalism and the deconstruction of Western values and Christianity in Western Europe you are a racist bigot!

You are an example of why I

You are an example of why I have turned my back on Christianity.

Please answer this concisely, but honestly.

Which western customs and traditions are in jeopardy exactly?


Which eastern customs and traditions are threatening us?

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

And I am an example?

I am a Christian nationalist/cultural conservative who loves my country, its traditions and my brethren. Sorry if you are lost, I know where I come from.