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Islamisation of Europe

The more I look into the Islamisation of Europe it makes me think that the US needs to really get our borders in order and watch who is coming into this country. I think Dr. Paul may be too hands off when it comes to radical Islam for me.

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The crusades were Catholic -had nothing to do with Jesus

Catholicism and Christianity are 2 different entities. The former is man based -the latter exclusively centered around the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

Great! Just what we need.

Another buttbrain who since 9/11 has been under the false assumption that Muslims around the world hate us because of our freedoms, the freedoms we used to have, and believes all Muslims around the world are crazy, evil murderous thugs with one agenda: Enslaving the whole world.

Right now, Muslims are the LEAST of my worries. Politicians who cloak themselves in good deeds claiming to be looking out for everyone's best interests are what worry me more than any terrorist could, Islamic or not.

Eh, the more I actually do the research

The more I do realize there is a large amount of Muslims that "hate us for our freedoms" and "decadent" lifestyle. They have also been instructed by there prophet to destroy any non-believer.

Islam and Fascism


Fast or be beheaded... Wear a veil or be raped.

See the connection?

And you seriously thik

people would be signing their kids up to go to that nut cases private school? And like they said . He could not run a school like that. It is against the law !
Better to worry about the abuses our government is doing than worry about Muslims. Muslim "Americans" would have to follow the same laws we do. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Ricky Santorum's in tha house?

Don't forget about tha gaaaaays ;D

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an


Put your head in the sand while Western Europe becomes a safe haven for Islam. 30 million and counting. Welcome to Belgistan!

You do realize that if it wasn't for the european

welfare state, there would be much less Muslims migrating to Europe right?

Two, if you make sure their place is a hell hole by propping up and supporting dictators before we destroy their countries when trying to remove such dictators -when they become useless or too independent minded- there wouldn't be such an urge for them to leave their homeland.

Three, it has nothing to do with Islam in itself but more because of the consequences of "blowback" and of military and economic Keynesianism.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

5 years ago all my friends in Ireland were complaining

about all the Poles coming over for jobs. They were saying how they were ruining traditions and messing up their bloodlines. Ireland when it was booming got people from all over moving there.

I would certainly agree with your first two points,

Your last point is simply incorrect though, because Islam's prophet specifically tells Muslims to dominate and wipe out anyone who is not a Muslim. Islam is certainly part of the problem. Not to say there aren't peaceful Muslims, but I am definitely saying Western Europe should close their borders and only allow those Muslims who are willing to adopt to their culture and values. Why should any country let millions of people into their country to take over their traditions and way of life? The whole point of multiculturalist experiment in Europe was because Muslims were supposed to integrate and adhere to Western values. That hasn't happened, they aren't integrating and accepting their new societies they live in, they are simply receiving welfare and populating so in due time they will be the majority in Western Europe. Why is it that Western civilization is consistently being told that its values and traditions within its homeland are not important and don't need to be upheld? Because these values of Christianity are the number one opposition to the Marxists in charge in Europe.

Have you ever read the

Have you ever read the Talmud? You are goyim to some Jews. Don't forget that. Don't forget to check out evilbible.com


Imagine being in a poorer country and having the US come and drop bombs on your loved ones. Or watching the US support dictatorships in your countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq... until eventually they decide to bomb a couple of those countries and overthrow the dictatorships they once supported. And they continued to support Israel's genocide against the Palestinians, infact they paid for the bombs to destroy Gaza and the West Bank, then paid to rebuild it.

And when a group of "radicalized" muslims fight back and kill Americans, Things escalate. Now the US is bombing people in several countries. And if your brother, father, or son happened to be in the area and killed... he was considered a "militant" simply because he was a military aged mail.

Imagine seeing people of your country, that were opposing this, have their bodies urinated on, soldiers of the foreign army posing with dismembered limbs, or posing with naked men on a leash to humiliate them. Then to rub salt on the wound, the invading country acts like it is a simple mistake, but when a honorable soldier tries to make the horrible crimes public... well he's sent to prison for years.

And if you oppose this, the invading country's media calls you a "radicalized" terrorists. Claiming you hate them because they have better values than you. And the population arrogantly believes it, thinking their liberating you... while they couldn't even find your country on a map.

There will always be a few nuts in every population... we've killed/tortured millions. Hatred for America is not some crazy phenomenon... We must change our foreign policy.

Muslims kill more Muslims than the United States does..

Get your facts straight! The United States is the most charitable nation in the world, hands down. Do not get this confused, I do not agree with the wars, but I also do not agree with the Islamisation of Europe or the US.

the sunnis and shias do kill

the sunnis and shias do kill each other. But in recent years, no one comes close to our death toll. And what is you definition of charitable. Who are we giving to?? Governments, militaries, and then blowing tons to rebuild. The American people are very charitaable..our gobernment is not. We our often misinformed and given a false sense of whats going on. And there is no islamization of America. We opened our borders to mexico..not arab countries... And in America we have freedom of religion. There are bad people of every race religion. If Islam itself scares you ... learn about it and listen to what some muslims have to say. .. then decide

Read the title of the thread


Well said...


I can't believe what I read

I can't believe what I read here, this is collectivism in its purity!

You should always criticize behaviour and not people based on their religion or whatever.

If Sharia law can be established by only having a lot of Muslims in the country, then there is definitely something wrong with the system. Which means the system has to be changed by returning to the Constitution and founding principles. This is what we should worry about, not Islam. If the Constitution is respected, what threat does Sharia represent? None at all!

This kind of reasoning you use here can justify everything. You could argue similarly, now that we have a Federal Reserve, we need to establish price controls, because otherwise inflation will be unstoppable. No! You have to fix the system, which means abolish the Fed! And not mess around with the system and keep the cause of the problem in place.

Also your basically saying

The French people and those of Western Europe who have their ancient traditions and values in their homelands should just bow down and accept their country being overrun by those who don't agree whatsoever with their values? This is not a few Muslims in Europe, there are over 30 million. Within a few decades Europe will be a safe haven for Muslims, do you see this as in the interests of the United States or not? Do you think radical Islam is just going to stop at Europe?

Again, if the traditions can

Again, if the traditions can be overrun by a majority, you have a broken system. That is the problem! And not the Muslims!
In Europe, the biggest problem is the welfare state. This is the reason they are overrunning the couuntries.

And, if you don't want Muslims in your neighborhood then you can look for other people who agree with you and establish such laws locally.

Where you don't see the urgency of the situation is

the fundamental consistencies between Islam and Fascism and the direct threat this has on the United States and its values and interests in the World. Also, how can you not see a problem with Western Europe being overrun by Islam? Many see it as those in charge in Europe are Marxists who are trying to deconstruct their greatest opposition, classic Western morals and ideologies, and Christianity.

First of all

This thread is about Islamisation in Western Europe, not the US. Second of all you have no dispute from me in following the Constitution, but please note our opposition are not people who follow the rule of law, so your simplistic solution needs more thought. Third, what is being overlooked and not fully grasped are the fundamental ties between Islam and Fascism as opposed to Christianity and the values of Freedom and Capitalism! An attack on Christianity is an attack on the United States interests, period!

I can't see what's the

I can't see what's the difference if it is in Western Europe, the US or wherever. Does this change the underlying principles?

Well, if Muslims are not following the rule of law, then the problem is not following the rule of law. And not being Muslim.

Same with the tie between Islam and Fascism. You should always criticize what's the problem, and that is Fascism and not Islam by itself.

Yes this does change the underlying principles because

This is reality! Europe, our greatest allies in the world will be a save haven for Islam within the next few decades! This would not be a big deal if Islam was a peaceful religion, mind you. This is not the case though!

Quote from

Quote from now_here_is_nowhere:

"Reality changes its underlying principles"

I think further commentary is unnecessary, here.

Don't you want to apply as Keynesian economist?

there is only one way to get treated with tolerance and respect

and that's to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

I would agree with this statement...

Please elaborate.

You have self-bumped your own thread

nineteen times, which is not only bad form, but against the posting rules here. I'll be bringing it to the attention of the moderators.

I guess you would prefer to sit around and circle jerk

About Dr Paul and his non-existent chance at the nomination. Move on and learn about a different topic for a little while.

Oh no please dont

Why dont you read some of the material and quit being a tattle tail