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DP Free Feature Weekend - The Future of the DP


If you're logged in to the Daily Paul, you'll notice some changes. We're doing some beta testing of Premium Subscriber features, and we'd like to share them with you and get your feedback and support.

The way you are seeing the site is the way a select number of Premium Subscribers see the site. The primary benefit is no ads. Not only do you see a less cluttered site, but the site loads much faster as well. This is the basic feature for voluntary subscribers at $5 per month. Additionally, $5 monthly subscribers have their customized picture show up in comments, letting everyone know they are a supporter of the DP - someone who puts his or her money where their mouth is.

Further, $5 monthly subscribers have access to new and improved user profiles, which allows you to see any other registered user's posts and comments in an easily organized format.

See the full feature list here

Voluntary subscribers at $10 per month or more receive all these benefits and more! For $10 per month, you can also:

  • Customize your front page. See only the stories you want to see, from only the categories you are interested in, as soon as you log in. Or, choose see the front page as non-members see it.
  • Customize the active forum topics list to exclude categories that don't interest you!
  • Block users from your experience! Tired of seeing posts and comments by annoying trolls? Block them! You won't see their forum topics or comments.
  • Get access to the Premium User's Only Forum. Hobnob with the elites of the DP community.

In addition to enjoying these features, you'll help to keep this site online.

The DP Floats On

Since our peak in January, the DP has lost traffic, and lost subscribers. In spite of what some say, this is not beause of the infiltration of the "Gary Johnson Trolls." In truth, of all the dedicated Ron Paul sites, the DP has held up the best. Look at how the DP compares to the Ron Paul Forums:

Traffic to the Ron Paul Forums has crashed, while the DP has, for the time being, found support. The same is true for the official campaign site, RonPaul2012.com.

This is because the DP is, and has always been about more than just one man. It is about Freedom and the search for Truth. Ron Paul has, on a number of occasions, famously said, "Thank you for inviting me to your revolution." The DP does not exist to limit you. It exists to empower you. It does not exist to silence your voice. It exists to amplify it.

The "mainstream" media reads the Daily Paul. The DP has been featured on Rachel Maddow, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Mother Jones, and more, and we help shape the conversation. In fact, we are are a force in the conversation.

It is famously difficult to make money on the internet. Just ask Yahoo! Or Microsoft. Both are Fortune 100 companies that have struggled to make money on the internet. The New York Times lost money last quarter.

It is no different for the Daily Paul. I am not here to "make money" from this site. That was never my intention with the Daily Paul. AT this point I just want to keep it going.

This site, launched on January 19, 2007, was the first dedicated Ron Paul booster sites on the net. It helped propel Dr. Paul's popularity, and its first mover status is one of the reasons why the DP is the biggest Ron Paul booster site on the net. But it is certainly not the only reason.

The real reason has to do with you. Your dedication. Your commitment. Your excitement, and your enthusiasm. Without you, the DP would not exist.

But it is also because of me. My experience in the art of webmastering, my dedication and commitment to keep this project going, against all odds. Against all the frustrations, the lawsuits, the hosting headaches, the spammers, the trolls, and the haters. It is me, and the incredible team that I have assembled, that keeps the site balanced and running.

The DP is here for you. The question is, will you be there for the Daily Paul?

I do not particularly like begging for money. In fact, I hate it. Further, I do not like asking for something in exchange for nothing. But I hope that I have demonstrated that the DP is here for a greater cause. And I hope that as a premium subscriber, you will get something of equal value in return for your money.

Keeping this site online is, and has been a struggle for the past five years. The struggle has been worth it because we have been committed to electing Ron Paul as President of the United States. What happens beyond that? Can the DP continue on?

Please donate or subscribe, and leave your feedback on what the new DP should be.

The DP is a tremendous resource for the Liberty community. I am a keeper of that resource. But in order to do my job, I need your help.

Thank you DP community. You are the best!

Michael Nystrom

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Debbie's picture

Hi Michael. Well, looking at those graphs is very fascinating.

Other than reading "The Daily Dose", the Ron Paul campaign's '08 blog, I never felt the need or desire to visit other websites on a regular basis. The Daily Paul had it all. Thank you for your skillful art of webmastering, for assembling such an incredible team, and for your dedication and commitment to keeping this project going against all odds. It is truly appreciated. As long as the Daily Paul is here I will remain a premium supporter. I've gone here from one to multiple times a day for the last 5 years and hope to continue doing so indefinitely.


Hi Michael, I appreciate all

Hi Michael, I appreciate all you have done for Friends of Liberty. I love the DP even more than I love Dr. Pepper which I used to call DP, LOL

If you have the time would you mind stopping by http://www.dailypaul.com/246727/can-friends-of-liberty-to-ag... and weighing in?

Denise B's picture

Thanks Michael for

creating such a great forum for like-minded, liberty loving people to come together and share information, strategies and ideas. I think it is so important to keep this site up and running regardless of what happens in August and beyond. Most of us realize now that this is not just about getting Ron Paul elected (although we all are hoping very much that this does happen), it is also about winning back the hearts and minds of the American people who do not yet see the truth and reaching enough of them so that we can successfully as a group demand that our country be returned to it's Constitutional size and principles.

The Daily Paul certainly has helped to further that goal and after we see what happens in August, there should be some open discussions about where to go from there. Although I find some of the posters on here annoying, naive or downright dishonest, I certainly would not advocate banning anyone, except in the extreme cases of fraud or unnecessary obsenity. I actually think that some of these "annoying" posts are helpful because they offer an opportunity for enlightenment and clarity which usually gets presented by one of the many intelligent and well spoken people who also grace this site.

My only recommendation at this point would be that new users have a two week "waiting period" before they can actually post, unless you are a paying sponser, in which case you would get to post right away. I say this only because I have seen with certain "hot button" topics, you will a get a whole slew of "troll-like" comments from people who just signed on to try to discredit this one specific topic. A brief waiting period would help to alleviate that. Also, in cases where people get banned for outrageous or inappropriate behavior, they can't just turn around and come back on an hour later under a different name..... In any case, I think someone that is drawn to the site for the right reasons, isn't going to be discouraged by having to wait the two weeks to post...Just my two cents for whatever it's worth.

I also wanted to add Michael, that there is no shame at all in getting paid for what you do. I realize that your intention was never to make a lot of money off of the site, but at the same time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a few bucks for all of the time that you have to put into it...and a great job you have done! Thanks again for all you do! :)

Linda Cross's picture

Thanks Michael!

When I went to the Rally For the Republic the second person, after Ron Paul. that I hoped to catch a glimpse of, was Michael Nystrom. I don't agree with Obama, as some here seem to do. I don't believe that if you founded, built, and own a business, that "you didn't build that". Thank you Michael for letting my voice be heard. Thank you for allowing me to keep my ear on the heartbeat of the rEVOLution, allowing me to know what others are thinking and doing across this nation and the world. I once commented on a thread: "You might be a Ron Paul supporter if" ...if you pay for the Daily Paul when you could get it for free! I believe that free enterprise doesn't mean that it is free. Those who provide a worthwhile service by their own labor have a right to be paid. I hope that I can continue to be able to support the Daily Paul, so that you newcomers, and those not quite convinced of its value, can still get it for free.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Why I keep coming

Why I keep coming back.

Michael you have set up a very intuitive and appealing environment for people who are liberty minded. This isn't JUST some Ron Paul forum to me. No, the Daily Paul is a news source to me... news that is aligned close to the ideas of Ron Paul.

After the GOP railroaded Ron Paul with fraud and blatant rule breaking, I stopped going to ronpaulforums.com... I wont stop coming to the dailypaul.com because, like i said, its a new source to me. Not only that but its a place for the liberty movement to formulate ideas and keep the ball rolling.

You have created something very special and, I think, crucial to the liberty movement.

edit: A change in the name of the website is really a deal breaker to me. It displays a distasteful marketing tact inconsistent with the steadfast principals of Ron Paul, which brought me here in the first place. Paul is a symbol to a lot of people that there is still GOOD in the political world and long after Ron Paul is gone his impression will still effect my decisions.

Treat this site like mises.org, it doesn't revolve around JUST mises but it honors what he did for his message

My take...

Respectfully, I can't bring myself to pay money for a site that bans those who've helped make the site what it is today while the mods act as apathetic bureaucrats of whatever nonsense someone posts. Not every opinion is valid and a pure democratic voting system does nothing to validate arguments. It only measures the popularity of an opinion or how it makes people feel. Several posters who have been here for a long time have been banned. Did they go overboard? Yes. However, you can only say the same things to the same people so often before losing your cool. There have to be times when the mods, who are usually spot on with philosophy, read a comment or post and know it is complete nonsense. However, nothing is said by those in power, whose opinions would be respected at face value, and those who are new here internalize ideas that aren't consistent with libertarian philosophy and won't hold up in any logical argument. This hurts our movement. Many posting today don't even understand the underlying principles of Ron Paul but their hyperactive posting habits are making them the majority here. This is frustrating to many of us and I sincerely believe the trend on this site is going in the wrong direction.

Please understand that none of this post is meant to be disrespectful or spiteful. This site is the best place on earth for us to organize and learn. I have gained so much from the dailypaul over the many years that I've been here, both under this name and shwade80 (during the '08 campaign), but I sincerely fear for its future. I read a post from quilting the other day that saddened me a great deal. She mentioned that she mostly just reads the site today and doesn't post anymore. All the old "faces" that I felt like I knew have turned into passive readers and all of their experience and knowledge is not making it through the sea of childish, exaggerated, and emotionally driven nonsensical comments. I guess change is always a little hard to accept when you're so emotionally invested in a community such as the dailypaul as well as the movement it embodies. This place has honestly kept me sane in the early years when it seemed I was alone in my views that I thought were self explanatory. I thank you, MN, for all you do and I would also like to take the time to thank the moderators for what they do... even Jon. A little levity never hurt anyone and he has often kept discussions grounded in reality regardless of whether we've always agreed.

I shall now crawl back into my hole of the irrelevant past. Please don't ban me. I only wish the best for all of us, the site, and our movement.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you guys so much

for all the feedback. You've given me a lot to think about. Being Sunday afternoon, I'm going out to play, but I'll give you an update later when I get back, based on what I heard. I'd also like to know if anyone took advantage of the free trial, and how you liked it. About 10 people signed up, and a coupled people cancelled.

But just to assure you, the DP is not going to become the Daily Johnson. I have no intention of that. And while I don't have a problem with a few Johnson threads, some people have chosen to make that their pet issue and just wouldn't let it go. So to restore a sense of balance to the site, some of those people are no longer with us.

I didn't realize that people would freak out about the dimming of the Ron Paul photo. I thought the symbolism was obvious, but I have seen how that means a lot to people, so I'll put it back to full strength until after Tampa.

I understand also people aren't interested about talking about what happens beyond Tampa. I'll respect that, and shut my trap about it, but please understand that it is my job to think about that, because I'm the steward and the shepherd and the keeper of this resource. And that is all I will say on that for now, because I don't want my words to get twisted.

I wish only everyone the best in your endeavors, whichever path you choose to pursue. Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

More later.

Michael Nystrom
Keeper of the Resource

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.
reedr3v's picture

Thank you so much for listening to us as we

always have listened to your words of wisdom and equanimity. Let's keep growing the DP (whatever it may be called in the future) organically together, and our community, as effective and strong voices to advance our core principles, no matter how differently we may express them.

Thank you, Michael

For listening to us at this crucial moment.

For curtailing the excessive Johnsoning of the site which I supported at first until it started getting way out of hand.

For booting a few people that always seemed to stir up trouble, even if they were right some of the time.

For unfading the picture of the good doctor.

And finally, for agreeing to "shut your trap" for the time being. Thank you for respecting the majority of DP'ers views on that front.

The moment Tampa hits, a lot of chatter and ideas are going to start flying on this site, and when Tampa is done, we can start talking about the future as the dust settles.

Enjoy your Sunday and take care!

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

Debbie's picture

Agreed with all of the above, and please don't fade the good

doctor's picture even after Tampa. I don't see why you would take away our symbol of what brought us all together, I think that would be a mistake, with all due respect to you as the steward and shepherd of this awesome resource. Also, we don't really know what is going to happen after Tampa. We can all speculate, but at this point, we don't know for sure. There are plans, I know that, to keep everything going and to accelerate it, and Dr. Paul will still be our leader as long as he is alive, and after that his ideas will still be what is fueling our movement. To me fading his picture would be akin to fading the picture of one of the Founders. Thank you Michael.


lindalsalisbury's picture

Thank you Michael

I have been sending every free dime I have had to Dr. Paul. I have taken advantage of your site and all the great information and wonderful people here.

No more. I will be sending you a monthly check (paper) and truly hope you keep up the good work. I do not mind the ads (free market ideals) etc.

I do miss the online members list. If I know they are here, I will try to find their posts.

Go Daily Paul!!!


I have absolutely no problem with you running ads all over the site. You created a great site and should be able to make money if you want to make money.

This site is historic. What other presidential candidate has ever had this type of a presence on the internet and on forums?

I applaud you, this is a great site. Please expand this site, we can help make it grow. We could all make an effort to tweet threads from here and post links of threads to Facebook as much as possible. The number of clicks would grow.

I think it should stay the DailyPaul..

Dr. Paul is the one man that woke most of us out of our apathetic slumber! Instead of doing the typical American thing of saying "politics?" "I'm not interested they are all just a bunch of liars." Then going about our lives hoping that they will do the right thing! Well look were that attitude has brought us today!! Now we know more and it is much worse and uglier than we thought!! For sure it is not about one man..it's about all of us that are informed...think about it..look at the ratings of MSM and compare that to just even six years ago!! They are going down..fast! while places like the DP are rising up! People want the truth..no matter how much it hurts..people are tired of the BS!! All the DP needs to do is keep doing what it has been doing by telling the truth, promoting freedom and liberty and by giving Dr. Paul the honor that he deserves. Dr. Paul has done it!!, he has awakened millions of like minded individuals...and if you want to say..he has multiplied himself a million fold or more!! Thanks Michael Nystrom and all the people for keeping the DP going :) I come here just about everyday and I appreciate your hard work in keeping us informed :)

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

Debbie's picture

Hear hear!!! Please don't change what has been so successful,

keep the name of this site, THE DAILY PAUL!


Will this site still

be mindful of the fact that many of us are Ron Paul Republicans?
It's just that I see these anarchistic libertarians populating the site and that just turns me off. Since Ron Paul is a Republican with small 'el' leanings, which is what I am, it's important that this site continues to support republicanism as how it's meant to be and how Ron Paul keeps reminding us how it's meant to be.
Personally, I'd love it if there were no parties, but that's not the reality.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Will you come over here and talk?

Have you ever noticed that

Have you ever noticed that anyone who is for less freedom than you are is a moron and anyone who wants more freedom is a lunatic?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

I have been a straight ticket

I have been a straight ticket Republican all my voting life until I voted Constitution party recently. I think the Republican party is why we are in the trouble we are in. It has been crashed. Now, I don't care what kind of libety supporters I run into on the DP. The more individuals for liberty, the merrier!

Anyway, what is an anarchistic libertarian?

An anarchistic libertarian is

An anarchistic libertarian is redundant.

A libertarian is an intellectual anarchist. It is not "I hate government", but "let me write a book about why government is not the best means of governing individual behavior within society". A true libertarian believes that it is possible to have zero government. Marx thought the same and, of course, was wrong.

But there is also the "pragmatic libertarian", which is someone who understand that there necessarily must be some form of government, but that the goal of good government is to get itself out of the way of the business of the people. A libertarian can simply be someone who coherently wants more freedom, lower taxes, less government, fewer regulations, knowing that one can never fully rid themselves of government.

A true libertarian would never run for office, except with the stated goal of destroying government. Murray Rothbard really felt that the Libertarian Party really went "pop" back in the 1980s when Ed Clark got nearly 1 million votes (all time record for them) by trying to make libertarianism sound reasonable and not anarchist. In their first election, they got a few thousand. I believe he was the one that coined the term "modal libertarian" which is to say , someone who does it because they want more freedom for themselves to look at porn or smoke weed or whatever. True libertarians take their anarchy VERY seriously.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Engender The Best.

With best wishes to all DPers.
Micheal Nystrom wrote - concluded {{ The DP is a tremendous resource for the Liberty community. I am a keeper of that resource. But in order to do my job, I need your help.
Thank you DP community. You are the best! ]]

Reed3v wrote [[ If the DP continues to attract supporters of Liberty after Tampa may depend on whether it continues to encourage the best in all of us.]]

TPTB recognizes that mankind has a need for the daily dose of info, - and that is why the MSM are supplying bs 24/7. Therefore countering bs & feeding the antidote to the people is important.

Larken Rose, said =
"~ so, the two basic steps, in what - that good people need to do - are, (1) learn the truth, and then (2) tell the truth. and that really sums up pretty much the only thing thats ever moved society forward ~". and -
"the more people who tell the truth - the less the tyrants can do about it"

LR emphasized /encouraged to "speak out", i.e. the truth.

USA 2012 wrote - [[ WHERE to go from here? EXPAND! ]]

Offer hope, reminders, warnings & good News.

"Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word sent by our Creator-Lord."

I just don't want this to become the daily johnson

I feel beaten down from the johnson trolls. It is dissapointing to see the site turning into a feeding ground for jackarses. I am glad to see "lib" is gone though...

Why is looking to the future

Why is looking to the future make you a "jackarse"????

Hopefully there will be a plethora of new candidates to discuss, not just Gary.

I think Michael is striking the right tone, based on reality as we know it, not as we wish it.

Tampa isn't a vote, it's a coronation ceremony.

And the Daily Paul has to grow beyond Ron Paul or die.

No one is trying to beat you down in any way. We are all on the same team.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

BMWJIM's picture


Tell the BS to someone that DOESN'T CARE and they may believe you.

You send me into a total depression every time I read one of your post!

Sorry Michael but after this many years on the DP this is the one individual that could move me away from the Liberty movement and start me focusing just on family and neighborhood. I feel I have learned and taught a lot here in our small online community. I NEVER lost faith in Dr Paul. This guy makes me lose faith in mankind for his badgering staus quo BS.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

you hold the keys to your insanity...

"The problem isn’t that external events have control over your emotions. The problem is believing that they do" Paveline

Its only you mate who decides how to react to this annoyance

Come now, don't be

Come now, don't be hysterical.

No one said freedom was easy or sanitized for your protection.

(Actually, for a mere $10/month, you can block me out!)

I can handle all of your expletives and insults. The least you can do is handle my opinions. Or ignore them. You're the one following me like a moth.

We're all in this together. Buck up.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"


I forgot about the block option. Bye John Ashman!

See, it's a great thing -

See, it's a great thing - freedom, sanitized for your protection! ;^)

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

I agree

Him and the lib literally depress me reading their garbage. It makes me want to forget about it and move on with my life. If I have to hear this guy's crap from this day forward I will simply no longer subscribe and give up entirely on politics and Daily P AU L.

Here's a handkerchief. I

Here's a handkerchief.

I don't get depressed by your personal attacks, don't get get depressed by my opinions.

Liberty is not for the feint of heart. Take ownership of your emotions.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

Go away

You repel people. I am tired of seeing your comments..