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New Gary Johnson Ad - Live Free

Peter Schiff just released a video in which he advocates voting for
Gary Johnson.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvO907eV_Ic (at around 38 minutes)

Adam Kokesh did the same

These men are die hard admirers of Ron Paul and are now supporting Gary Johnson.

A strong showing for Paul in Tampa will help the cause of liberty but Ron Paul is not going to be the Republican nominee.

Ron is not going to be on the ballot and writing in his name isn't going to get him elected.

Here is Gary Johnson's new ad- Live Free

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Why is this on the Ron Paul 2012 forum?

Just sayin'

good point, I don't mind Gary

good point, I don't mind Gary Johnson, but I don't know why this is categorized under Ron Paul 2012

Whoa don't post about Peter Schiff...

Any discussion about someone that may be a little different than Ron Paul is no longer welcomed here.

The philosophy of liberty to be discussed here can only stem from the thoughts of Ron Paul. Any other manifestation of liberty is tyranny.

Judge Napolitano-Lays out the choices

Romney, Obama or Johnson

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