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Who Watches the Watchers? U.S. breaks 20-year arms embargo on Somalia.

Our Government is SO hypocritical! The US or Israel (what’s the fcuking difference) is going to end up bombing Iran based on claims that they are breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement. But, the US/NATO/UN breaks all kinds of international laws, treaties, embargos, etc. that have been put in place.

I guess it’s just like having a monopoly on the worlds reserve fiat currency…no one can watch the watchers. What are we suppose to do, bomb ourselves when we break the rules we make? That’s actually not as bizarre as it sounds since we have attacked ourselves many times throughout history via false flags. But seriously, we are going around policing the world, attacking and killing anyone that "breaks the rules" but the US/UN/NATO doesn't abide by the very rules they are killing people for not obeying. It’s getting tough to be proud to be an American anymore.

The United States is breaking a 20-year arms embargo on Somalia by providing unauthorized intelligence training to regional governments and special-forces missions, according to a forthcoming United Nations report that discloses new details of the U.S. war against al Qaeda in the war-torn African nation.


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