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Are Ticks Being Genetically Engineered To Make People Allergic To Meat?

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"Susan Wolver, MD, and Diane Sun, MD, from Virginia Commonwealth University in the US, and colleagues, explains why if you have been bitten by a tick, you may now develop an allergy to red meat. Their article elucidates this connection and discusses the journey of the discovery, yet stop short of emphasizing how these ticks were genetically designed. It's a new syndrome and natural consequence of the interaction of human blood and being bitten by modern ticks they say."

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We had one of those cases

We had one of those cases here in East Hampton last year. Took a while for the doctor to figure it out. Another thing to add to lymes disease

It doesn't MATTER

whether it's by design or just one more "unintended consequence." Either way, due to antibodies created, a bite from one of these ticks can cause an allergic reaction if one then consumes red meat. It won't even take many cases to come to light before people will stop eating red meat (even organic and/or certified re humane handling) - OUT OF FEAR. These allergic reactions can be FATAL.


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hope not. Never know.