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State of Maine Delegation Being Challenged

The Maine Delegation to the RNC is being contested. Here is the email I received.

Dear Maine resident:

Pursuant to RNC Rule 22 and the Procedures for Contests adopted by the RNC Committee on Contests, please find attached the Notice of Contest to your right to be seated as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

A copy of the attached Notice has also been sent to you and the Secretary of the RNC via registered mail.


Peter Cianchette, Contestant

Cianchette served two terms as a Maine State Representative (1996–2000) from South Portland and Cape Elizabeth and was the Republican candidate in Maine's 2002 gubernatorial election, making a credible showing. He served on the National Republican Committee and as the Maine General Chairman of the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign.

Cianchette was appointed ambassador by President Bush and sworn in on May 8, 2008. He presented his credentials on June 12, 2008 and served until June 19, 2009. He was the 56th person to hold the position.

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Romney Campaign Fires Another IED At Maine’s National Delegation

by Michelle Anderson on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 5:06pm

The latest battle in what the press has termed “Civil War” within the Republican Party in Maine was begun over the weekend when the Romney Campaign offered what is being termed “absolutely unacceptable” and “diametrically opposed to the very concepts this country was founded on” by delegates who espouse the concepts of liberty.

The Civil War began when Peter Cianchette, the Chairman of the Mitt Romney’s Maine Campaign, and Jan Staples, the former state GOP committeewoman who was voted out at the Maine State Convention, filed a challenge with the RNC, claiming that the duly elected National Delegates and alternates should not be seated, with the exception of the Governor, the only elected delegate who was not a Ron Paul delegate.

The latest IED was exploded when the Romney Campaign proposed the following compromise:

1. A majority of the National Delegates must waive their right to vote their conscience and sign a statement cementing that waiver. The Romney Campaign mandates that they must agree in writing that if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, the delegates will vote for Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.

2. The Delegation Chair, who was legally and duly elected by the National Delegates, would not be allowed to speak to the press or announce the votes for Maine at the national convention. Instead, they must allow Governor Paul LePage or Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster to handle all media on behalf of the delegation.

3. The delegates must waive their First Amendment rights, pledging to say nothing negative about Mitt Romney or anything positive about Barack Obama, especially -- but not only -- to the media.

4. If these conditions are met, the duly elected GOP National Delegates would be allowed to be seated at the Convention, and to sit in their legally assigned committees “without barrier.”

5. Further, if the Delegation waives their rights to conscience and speech, “the contest brought by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette will be withdrawn.”

The delegation, after meeting Monday evening, voted unanimously to decline the offer, opting instead to keep the rights which God gave them and which the Constitution of the United States protects for them."

Interestingly, Monday was the 67th anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima.

The RNC hasn't weighed in on this yet...

...as far as I know.

I kind of hope they do rule for Ciancette and Ms. Piggy.

THAT would be the end of the line for them, as Maine is UNQUESTIONABLY A STRONG RON PAUL state, and everyone knows it. The RNC would lose all credibility!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Or on the other hand...

Or on the other hand they rule in favor of the fairly elected delegates and show how politically irrelevant people like Peter and Jan are.

We need to tie this to Charlie and Co.

I am SURE there has been discussions.

Time for the whole filthy rat's nest to be REMOVED.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

What you can do to help...

I realize everyone is frustrated with everything going on in Maine and Louisiana right now, I am too, but we still need to focus on trying to win over as many delegates to the RNC as possible. This thread lays out a great plan. Several states have already been completed but we need YOUR help to reach more delegates!!


Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Can someone please explain....

I have been through all the ups and downs and all "the campaigns over". It's been a roller coaster ride from hell. But I just got back from an internet free vacation to read here that Dr. Paul may indeed not seat delegates to the convention from Louisiana and Maine? He's got 5 states, no he's got 4, no he has 11...etc

Usually I sit back a couple of days and the dust settles, but does anyone have a clue as to what's going on?


What's happening is the Main stream Republicans,not wanting to lose their cushy life style, are trying ILLEGALLY, to unseat all the Ron Paul Delegates from the Tampa Convention. If Americans wake up and
vote for a true liberty minded,HONEST man, they would have to stop their crooked ways, and probably get their pay lowered too. The Republican PARTY, which is just that, one big party on the backs of the tax payers. Crooks almost all, Go Dr. Paul, we NEED some honest
Constitution caring men in Washington. Not the Lindsey Grahams and
the rest of the main stream Republican trash.Corrupt,corrupt corrupt!


But they are so RESPECTFUL

while they screw us oiut of our votes and delegates. Maybe they'll let Ron Paul clean the bathrooms in Tampa.

In dealing with a

corrupt not for profit sportsmans club inc., I have my questions written formally, and submit them at the meeting to the secretary to be read and placed in the permanent records.

Go to the committee meeting

The meeting should be in the paper, but should also be on line.

Go to the meeting with a short letter saying that you were elected to your seat and expect to retain it.

Ask questions and get answers
How were you removed
by whom
where was this done?
When, what date
What rules... ask if they filed with the county clerk, registrar office and secretary of state, and if no why not.

Get answers and prepare to go to court.

Show up at the meeting, very important that you do... if the meeting can't be gone to, send them and email and a registered letter demanding to retain your seat and demanding answers.

GOOD LUCK! You will prevail.


The rules change to benefit our owners. It's rigged.
You don't see this? The system can't be changed by playing by their rules.

Absolutely I see this!

They hope I'm going to say, "Well you guys are fucking cheaters, liars, sick warmongering assholes and your party sucks so Fuck YOU and Fuck off!!!"

They are really wishing and hoping I would do that.

But I don't.

Instead, I just keep showing up, and asking questions, like:

Excuse Me, Mr's Chair, but so and so has missed three consecutive meetings, and acording to your rules, our by-laws, they can be removed, so I would like to move that they are removed and I replace them, or so and so RP GOP replaces them."

Excuse me Mr. Chair, but what is this issue under New Business, that appears as an order? Under Roberts Rules of Order, it should be on the agenda, not New Business and we should have a discussion, a motion, a second, and a vote. Are we goin to follow Roberts rules of order, or is there a new plan that I am not aware of?"

Excuse me Mr. Chair, But since we do not have a quorum, I should be able to invite anyone to take those seats who is qualified, correct?"

I don't stop. Three people have quit. Now I hear I have a new Ron Paul memeber bringing our team up to 6. 6 of us, 5 of them.

guess who's winning playing by the rules?

Don't misunderstand

I wish you well and pray for a good outcome. But there is so much at stake I think when push comes to shove they'll just take over and start shooting. I am hoping enough people wake up before too late. But it might already be too late.

Don't misunderstand

I wish you well and pray for a good outcome. But there is so much at stake I think when push comes to shove they'll just take over and start shooting. I am hoping enough people wake up before too late. But it might already be too late.

Thank you for the good wishes and prayers

I find that many of the YouTubes and conspiracy theory is designed to abandon hope, install FEAR and HATE for America, and it makes things so big and bad, many feel defeated before they even try.

Just look at how hard it is to recruit liberty minded people into the GOP. Why, becasue they HATE the GOP based on MSM, not experience.

What we don't want is to give TPTB a reason to do what many FEAR. FEAR is an acronym for

We are winning and the MSM isn't going to report that.

We are in for very exciting time ahead. I'm certain that many will be suprized how the campaign is going to turn things around, because we do have many people who did what RP asked ALL of us to do.

We are the future.

How scary is that?

I don't think I would ask those questions orally.

Rather, I would ask them on paper and have them sign and date it and give me a copy of the letter to be followed up if a positive and timely response hasn't been issued.


That's an idea worth considering

Sometimes people will say things, and you have witnesses, where when writing them, unlike me, they are very careful how they word a written response. All they would have to say to me is "Romney" ine time, and I'd take them to court for breaking their by-laws by forcing a candidate. They will try to say that they have the right to select delegates, which they do, and they wanted delegates that represent the general election or straw poll, but unless that is in writing in their by-laws, they would lose.

Is this guy serious!!!

Ron Paul probably has 70% of the popular vote. The fraud here is so evident. We need to sue the GOP. These GOP officials need to be thrown in jail. That Romney guy or whatever his name is Matt Romney isn't even that popular. More people voted for Ron Paul. I bet only 20 people in Maine voted for Romney and 15 of thoses accidently meant to vote for Ron Paul but filled in the wrong circle on the ballet. Im calling the GOP out. You are a bunch of FRAUDS!!! MADE UP VOTES!!! Stupid election riggers. SOMEBODY BAIL ME OUT OF JAIL WHEN I GO TO TAMPA IM GONNA BE PISSED OFF!!!



SIGN THE PETITION to help our Maine National Delegation get seated...TODAY!!!!

We're at step 3

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win.

Well I'll tell you this.

The last two days posts. Louisiana and now Maine. Has got me peeved. If The slime-ball Romney is the the nominee. I will actively work to defeat this jerk off. I hope everyone on here feels the same. Lets put the same effort in this election to defeat this turd as we did to get Ron Paul the nomination. We will show this establishment where the power lays.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Ya' Wanna Get Even More Fired Up?

Watch Richard Gilbert's video (released today) to delegates:


I am with

You on this they (GOP/Romney) can`t win with out us and I intend to make sure of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Liberty Dan
Only Ron Paul 2012

The same thing would have

The same thing would have happened to Paul if he were running in the democratic party in 2008.

Don't take it out on Romney, he's just a figurehead.

Romney Is Way More than a "Figurehead"

This is an organized crime syndicate, and Romney is in charge. Watch Richard Gilbert's video (released today) to delegates:



I watched his video and he's not right. There are crimes being committeed and each state and county has laws that should be addressed in the local courts to STOP the crimes by those who commit them, blaming Romney is a misleader. I'm no fan of Romney, but I'm also not going to place blame where it is not due.

Who the freakin heck are you for?

Dang.. I'd think you were a troll by what you wrote here!
Yes I am taking out on Romney. Romney has cheated his way to where he is. He has not had the ground swell of support that a presumptive nominee should of had. You should go back and look at what has happened in this campaign. And especially look at what happened in Maine. If you work for Romney to win. Your a fool!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Evidently I am stupid

Cianchette has surely done a lot of things and held prominent positions. The one thing he hasn't seemed to have done is legitimately win a delegate seat to the convention. So what's the basis for contesting the legitimately elected delegate? Or... do I really want to know?

After Louisiana..

..I didn't think much, except "typical cheating Romney-ites". But now Maine?

Seriously, they're running scared now. If Romney was such a shoe-in, I doubt they'd go to these risky lengths just to ensure smiling faces and applause when he receives his crown.

They're actually FIGHTING for the nomination now, because they know it's not so presumptive anymore.

Romney is an illegitimate

Romney is an illegitimate candidate - the product of a fraudulent manipulation. No one should ever accept that he is the "nominee", the "presumed nominee" or the inevitable candidate. We should refuse to concede that Romney has "won" when it is clear that the Republican establishment, in desperation, rushed to annoint him - because they were afraid to wait for the convention. If they are so frightened, what are we afraid of?