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State of Maine Delegation Being Challenged

The Maine Delegation to the RNC is being contested. Here is the email I received.

Dear Maine resident:

Pursuant to RNC Rule 22 and the Procedures for Contests adopted by the RNC Committee on Contests, please find attached the Notice of Contest to your right to be seated as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

A copy of the attached Notice has also been sent to you and the Secretary of the RNC via registered mail.


Peter Cianchette, Contestant

Cianchette served two terms as a Maine State Representative (1996–2000) from South Portland and Cape Elizabeth and was the Republican candidate in Maine's 2002 gubernatorial election, making a credible showing. He served on the National Republican Committee and as the Maine General Chairman of the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign.

Cianchette was appointed ambassador by President Bush and sworn in on May 8, 2008. He presented his credentials on June 12, 2008 and served until June 19, 2009. He was the 56th person to hold the position.

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Diligence and Responsiveness

All the more reason to fight back.

The only way they can win with these cheap tricks, is if people give up.

Don't let them get away with it. Fight back.

Here is the link to the

Here is the link to the contention


Matt, Please post this to your thread

Thanks so much...

they figured out RP

had more than five states, and now they are trying to make sure things go their way. They know Mitt Romney is a flop. Disgusting.

Either that or

They had been planning this all along and just waited until right before the deadlines so RP delegates had no time to fight back.

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Cheap tricks from the spine-less. Respond quickly.

Attacking right before a deadline is a cheap trick people do when their argument doesn't hold water.

The response must be quick (instant).

I've had first-hand experience on the receiving end of a legal attack, and the opposing attorney tried to pull this kind of stuff at every turn.
It wasn't easy and was gut-churning, yet we eventually won with a land-slide.

So, learn, respond quickly, and fight these guys.

sounds like

sounds like every state Ron Paul won is going to be challenged. This whole election process has been a sham. Being a republican for 20 years I am ashamed of my party.

Physically ill

When I saw the headline on this post it made me feel nauseous. These d-bags will literally stop at nothing to keep Ron Paul and his supporters out of the convention. I've tried to remain optimistic, but it's getting harder every day. I have very little hope left for this country and a peaceful revolution.


IF peaceful revolution does not succeed, or appear to succeed quick enough, and a violent one breaks out, then they have succeeded indeed. That is what they want, then they can fully destroy this country, and a new government set up. They dare us. Not necessarily our reps and senators, but the string pullers. UNLESS We the People win, and still then what will we end up with?