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DHS Releases Propaganda Video. What to do in event of mass shooting.

DHS instructs to run, hide, or as a last resort fight. Improvise weapons like a chair or fire extinguisher. But only if YOUR life is in danger and you can't run or hide. We don't need any heroes now. They of course never mention getting a concealed carry permit or learning to use a handgun. Enjoy!



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Why Gun Confiscation May be

Why Gun Confiscation May be Good for You



looks like a "conditioning" video to me....like preparing for a shooter is like a fire drill....interesting....

I like the concealed weapon response myself....NOT run, hide, fight.....FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.....smartly....

So now normal people in society have to feel we need protection from the same jack-boot a-holes that cut down and arrest peaceful protesters???? SAD....


when was this made

looks like someone thought of making this after the Aurora event, but there is no way this was produced so quickly... posting date for the video is 7/23

fireant's picture

Oh, it very well could have been produced quickly.

Our propaganda ministry is highly evolved.

Undo what Wilson did

i can't believe what i'm seeing

sci-fi has become real life.

i would never have though of seeing a PSA for something like this.

and for the sake of stating the obvious, a firearm can provide better self defense than a chair or fire extinguisher.

What .. And all this time

I thought I would need a gun to protect myself ..

Really? A video to show poor helpless little me how to protect myself against a shooter?

umm.... No thanks I'll take my chances on protecting myself and others who are smart enough to have a gun of their own!

WOW, I think after watching the video I am going to be sick....

No One But Ron Paul 2012!


on the door the psychopath enters at 1:00. It's the state mandated notice that must be posted by the property owner to inform concealed handgun permitees that they are not allowed to carry handguns on the premises if they don't want weapons on their property. All employees and clients are effectively disarmed at the door...if only the "active shooter" would have read the sign, this could have been avoided...

At least now we can add trespassing to the shooter's charges...

I feel much better. Don't know what I would have done without this informational nugget...

I couldn't help but notice...

After X time passed and multiple murders the "first responders" brought GUNS to deal with the threat.

In a crowded theater WITHOUT a gun for protection:

RUN - Will only work for the first few people nearest a clear exit before it's quickly clogged from crowding and trampling over bodies.

HIDE (and WAIT!) - Offers very little options and protection while allowing for more carnage.

FIGHT - Popcorn and candy make for poor improvised weapons. So your other options I suppose is throwing shoes, mobile phones or trying to overwhelm the assailant but in any case it's a suicide mission.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

GUNS, exactly!

People WITH GUNS will respond and come save us helpless victims. I don't know how much longer I can take the collective ignorance of our nation's populace. If everyone there had a gun, heck, even several, they could defend themselves from a mass shooting. This is getting so BLATANTLY ridiculous. I seriously hope people start realizing they're pawns in someones game of chess.


Are people really so dumb

That they need to be told how to respond when they're being shot at? Thanks DHS, for stating the obvious, but I've got my own way of handling these types of situations - SHOOT BACK.

Joseph Goebbels Propaganda 101.

The basic assumption of the video is that citizens are never armed, can not protect themselves, and need big government to keep them safe. The hidden message is that anyone with guns, outside of our military and police, is a terrorist. The general public is subliminally being encouraged to fear anyone with weapons, apart from our government, no matter how stable or upright that person is.

Well stated!


If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

They need us to be dependant.

This video has made me think, it's a perfect example of the warped statist view of the world, where preparedness is calling on the authorities and the state for help.

It portrays desperate and helpless individuals with no one but the "authorities" to protect them.

I think the state needs the public to view them as their sole protectors, as the panacea to all of thier worst fears...


Fear... Fear... FEAR.

Enough said.