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John Kane: A True Judge

Here's a candidate for the 'Big Bench of Nine' worth vetting...
worthy of praise for exercising this nation's principles of governance.

As an entrepreneur, a budding business owner and man of faith, it came as a great relief to see the ruling yesterday concerning a lawsuit brought forth by a Colorado manufacturer who is fighting the Affordable Care Act (aka 'Obamacare') and got an injunction levied against the government. I know some support and some oppose ACA, and whatever your opinion, one of the ugly facts about this 'healthcare' law is its blatant attempt at invasion of religious conviction and duty. The Catholic Church USA - along with many other religious groups - have come out and 'drawn a line in the sand', proclaiming the separation of church and state - a phrase often used but never mandated in our Constitution - has been marred by activist proclamation that defies many religious mandates; specifically...when life is made official in the womb, and the ways mandated to thwart an unwanted life in such a place.

In the news section in our Christian page (NOTE: a site outside the Ron Paul sphere where I typically blog) you will find the link:

Obamacare: US judge lets Catholic-owned firm cut contraception from coverage


America has long respected religious freedoms, it is built into our laws and precepts as 'freedom of religion'. Now government seems bent on 'freedom from religion', this Act being the strongest vehicle yet to overturn principle for convenience.

The case is involving a Colorado manufacturer's refusal to comply with this Act as the company's owners - all Catholic - have run their firm well under both law of the land and law of their faith. The Department of Justice has been at the forefront of causing this firm to make a choice - to comply with the law and exist as is - or comply with their faith and face consequences. They have opted to comply with faith over government, and by doing so in a Federal court the judge hearing the case sided with this firm. He made it clear that in this case there was overreach on the government's part to punish and thus violate the exercise of this business to run ethically - according to the principles of faith it makes as its ethics. The judge went so far as to say to DOJ that if it were that important to them to have payment for things such as contraceptives - one of the objectionable items brought forward - that the government should be the one supplying them at their own cost instead of burdening this firm against its rights and principles. DOJ's lawyer essentially made the claim that it would be too complicated to do. Complicated for them, but a snap for the rest to 'tow the mark'...a 'do as I say not as I do' moment to say the least.

Compliance has always been at issue here with this Goliath-sized Act. When believers are forced to comply against the grounds of their convictions they will choose - their God-given right and honor to do - and this is just one case from more I am aware of where the choice will be the laws of faith over the laws of man. It is also just one of many offenses I am aware of that this law has instigated against true communities of faith...but then again I haven't read the whole law either, just like those who foolishly passed this behemoth that said 'we have to pass it in order to understand it.'
Let's all try to obtain driver licenses this way; skip the road test and written test until we're licensed and behind the wheel, foot on the accelerator, pedal to the metal. I bet anyone could predict what will happen. We see it happening in like fashion with ACA right this second.

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